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Our Story

From humble beginnings, and a desire to pass on the secrets of the Caribbean, Handpicked Villas was born. Starting life, offering just a handful of carefully selected luxury villas in Barbados and St Lucia, our portfolio has now grown to over 270 villas throughout the Caribbean and now Europe. Based in Cheshire, England, the heart of UK luxury travel, we can proudly now offer you over 10 islands (and growing!) and villas that are truly spectacular.

Who Are We?

A closely-knit team made up of individuals who are professional, approachable and friendly. Members of our group have lived and worked in some of our villa destinations and they all have visited each island. We regularly return to existing villas while never turning down the opportunity to explore new regions, which enables us to provide you with accurate, personal and honest advice.

Our Director, for example, has worked in St Lucia and has also lived in Barbados for several years working in a senior role for a leading Villa Management Company, so has consequently built up a thorough and first hand knowledge of each of the villas we feature.

Why Us?

Handpicked Villas personally inspect each one of the properties we offer. We know many of the property owners and villa staff personally and have absolute confidence that the service they offer you will be of the highest standard. Our villas have been handpicked for their outstanding luxury, fabulous service, location, private pools and their unsurpassed level of relaxation and privacy.

Everyone has one true passion, and ours is travel. We take pride in the fact that our team is extremely knowledgable and can talk you through your luxury retreat, from recommendations of the best restaurants and beaches, to excursions off the beaten track, we have been there and experienced it first hand and want to pass this invaluable advice on to our customers, to make sure that they experience the true nature of our villa destinations.

Why Villas?

Personalised attention, value and privacy. As a genuinely viable alternative to a hotel stay, villa holidays offer a truly unbelievable range of choice as well as the freedom to do your own thing. You don’t pay over the odds for activities you know you won’t participate in, for food you won’t eat and drinks you won’t order. You don’t pay over the odds to be surrounded by strangers, to share a crowded, noisy pool, to be frustrated trying to read your book with the sound of a thousand other people around you.

Villa holidays are tranquil. They are tranquil, private and relaxing. And surely, when you’re travelling to some of the mostbeautiful islands in the world, those qualities are ultra-important.

Economically speaking villa holidays provide our guests with so much more for their money. There is a popular misconception that having unlimited privacy and a plethora of facilities should cost more. This is NOT the case! For families and groups it proves to work out at the same cost if not less than hiring hotel suites, plus you have the added bonus of having your own space and security. Our published rates per night are for the entirety of the villa, the facilities, the staff and the incredible locations. Once you divide these rates up per person, you are truly staggered by how the cost falls and how affordable some of these spectacular properties are!

Bespoke Villa Matching

Finding exceptional villas requires either personal experience or having someone do the groundwork for you.

We know that a holiday is more than staying in a villa, that’s why we outline all the activities, excursions, events and useful background information to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience. We run popular and up-to-date blogs on each of the islands which provide you with a keen insight into our personal recommendations of what’s worth visiting on-island.

No stress, just world-class luxury, a VIP level of personal service and meticulous attention to detail, every step of the way.

Whether you need a trip to uplift and inspire or simply to stop, relax and unwind our dedicated team will do everything they can to find the perfect villa for you. Our reservations specialists are dedicated to outlining your specific requirements from the start, to enable us to match you with your ideal villa. Whether you are looking for golf-orientated villasvillas for families, grand villas to celebrate weddings or just a simple beachfront retreat we have the experience and enthusiasm to surpass your expectations.


Please do not hesitate to contact us about your plans as a next step! We very much look forward to hearing from you

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