Alongside the exclusive guests of the beautiful Jumby Bay island, there are a selection of multi-legged friends that inhabit the 300 acres of lush Caribbean landscape.

The Jumby Bay Hawksbill Project
The JBHP is a rigorous research project based on Jumby Bay, determined to intensely monitor the islands nesting beaches and preserve these beautiful creatures. They strive to promote the successful conservation of sea turtles in Antigua and across the region through increased public awareness of marine turtles.
Jumby Bay resort guests are invited to join the team on the beach any time during the nesting season; sign-ups to which are available at the resort’s front desk.

In 1935 an heir to the property used Jumby Bay to raise sheep. These sheep were descendants from those brought to the island by Spanish settlers who lived on the island in the 16th Century. The wild sheep seen roaming on Jumby Bay today are descendants of those sheep.
These friendly, four legged domesticated animals can be seen wandering the fields towards the centre of the island, and are wonderful when witnessed from a gentle bike ride on your personalised resort bicycle.

The exquisite white-sand Jumby Bay Beach is littered with crimson coloured Starfish which are dotted along the azure waters. These starfish have become an informal symbol of many a guests stay with their unusual shape proving for a fantastic memorable photograph.

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