It is that time of year again. The time of year where we retreat into our homely nests, pyjama clad, with an abundance of tea and biscuits and settle down into the entertainment provided by our TV screens to help us slip into winter. And the king of these Christmas Countdowns has certainly got to be X-Factor. That all too familiar guilty pleasure that we secretly gossip about at work, whilst on the surface pretending that we wouldn’t dream of indulging ourselves in this showcase of the nations ‘talents’.
However, we can collectively agree that the most glamourous, most nail-biting chapter of this show is Judges Houses. That edge-of-seat thrill where you find out where this years crop of contestants will be flying off to. We’ve previously seen Simon Cowell fly his hopefuls out to the beautiful Barbados, last year we saw Tulisa jet her ‘muffins’ out to the stunning St Lucia. And this year, Ladies and Gentleman, we will witness Nicole ‘jermazing’ Scherzinger bring her latest crowd of warbling wonders to the fabulous island of Antigua!!!
Pictured below partying with Antiguan locals when she first flew in, we’re so pleased that the spotlight is getting firmly thrust onto our Caribbean island of the moment!! We can certainly picture this glamorous crew reclining on one of Antiguas 365 beaches and sipping on their delicious cocktails. We certainly can’t wait to see how the contestants cope with the temptations of the party lifestyle of this Secret of the Caribbean.
Good Luck Nicole!


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