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Diving headfirst into the delights of foreign cuisine is an activity that many of us look forward to. Sampling the freshest of ingredients, devouring the most flavoursome of dishes and ordering exotic flavours brings an extra spark of excitement into even the most enjoyable of visits.

With Caribbean villa rental, there is already a high expectation of luxury. So, why not complement your fabulous surroundings with a decadent culinary treat. Lobster has long been the symbol of extravagant dining, mainly because of it’s beautiful buttery texture and rich flavour. Barbados is home to a large number of award-winning seafood restaurants and bistros, but we’ve picked our favourite 5 who really know how to cook up this crunchy little Crustacean.

Caribbean Spiny Lobster

Our 5 Favourite Lobster Joints

Lobster Alive
Looking for atmosphere? Lobster Alive is the ultimate in oceanside eateries. The island-legend/owner that is Art Taylor, flies to the Grenadines each week to fish for the most succulent of Lobsters, and flies them back to Barbados alive to ensure only the freshest of seafood is served in his restaurant.
We recommend you try: The Lobster Thermidor.

Fish Pot
Part of the charm of this beachfront eatery, is most definitely it’s exquisite views and architecture. Built into part of a converted fort, the atmosphere is airy and informal with the Head Chef taking a simplistic approach to cooking, letting the ingredients shine for themselves.
We recommend you try: The 1/2 Grilled Caribbean Lobster with Dill Butter.

Consistently honoured as one of the South Coast’s leading cliffside restaurants, Champers is known for it’s romance, exquisite dishes and value for money.
We recommend you try: The Medley of Lobster & Seafood served with Penne, Crushed Chillies, Capers & Cream.

The Tides
Culinary works of art await you at this premier dining location on the West Coast. With a speciality in fresh seafood, their creations are heavily laced in classical french training, which essentially means the dishes are both a gastronomic delight and a visual treat.
We recommend you try: The Local Lobster & Wild Mushroom Risotto with White Truffle Oil & Lobster Bisque.

Oistins Fish Fry
Casual Diners and those looking for more of a party scene will also find beautiful fresh lobster at Oistins Fish Fry on the South Coast. This open-air cook-up sways to the rhythm of the steel band and is crammed with exciting sounds, scents and tastes.
We recommend you try: Open-Air Grilled Lobster

Lobster Alive, Barbados

A Little Lobster Lecture

There are two main lobster types found in the dishes of many an upmarket eatery. Each has it’s own attributes and distinct flavour, so we’ve summarised the main points you need to know:

Spiny Lobster

  • No claws, a very hard shell and very large antenna.
  • Mainly found along the California Coast and in the Caribbean Seas.
  • Most of the meat is contained in the lobster tails, which is why they are typically sold live, to ensure the meat is succulent and fresh.
  • They are warm water lobsters.

Maine Lobster

  • These crustaceans are clawed.
  • There are two different types; European and American.
  • Mainly found along the North American and Canadian coastlines.
  • Due to their claws, they contain more meat than their spiny cousins.
  • They are mainly cold shallow-water lobsters.

Grab a slice of the action with a Luxury Villa Rental in Barbados. Many of our villa rentals include the services of a dedicated private cook who will be able to recommend where to buy the freshest lobster if you decide to cook-up on your own beachside BBQ. For further information contact our Luxury Villa Specialists today!

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