As a lover of food from around the world, I have to say that Barbados will always stick in my mind as having THE most amazing home-cooked, flavoursome, taste injected dishes that the Caribbean has to offer. Having been lucky enough to live there for several years, and dine in many of the excellent restaurants across the island, I feel that I can share with you my top 5 favourite Bajan dishes. I really recommend any visitors to try some authentic Bajan foodon their next visit to our favourite island, to really get the flavour of the culture!

Possibly the best combination of ingredients in the world, and you’ve never really tasted true jerk until you’ve visited Just Grillin’, a laid-back, authentic restaurant/take out spot in Christchurch, where the food is simple yet excellent. Whether it’s chicken, pork or freshly caught fish, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried this mouthwatering caribbean blend of spices and herbs.

Undiscovered treasure of Barbados. Insanely delicious, unique taste and beautiful on a cutter (sandwich), tossed in a salad or simply with a slice of macaroni pie. On my recent stay at our Easy Reach villa, we were treated to a fantastic lunch by the in-house maid, where she served the fish breaded and fried. I have to say, sat on the beachfront eating this humble but tasty meal was a real highlight, and rekindled my love for Bajan food!

How to describe a patty? Small, beautifully delicious, little parcels of meat or vegetables, laced with the spicing and personality that Barbados is famous for. When I lived in St Peter, Flindt patisserie was my go-to spot for a lunchtime treat, and it did not disappoint. The flaky pastry balances out the Caribbean chillies and the slow cooked filling melts in your mouth. Perfect for a beachside picnic, or a tropical day out with the family.

This humble, Caribbean delicacy is the ultimate lazy Sunday lunch. The combination of the soft, floury, chapatti style wrap and the slow-cooked, flavoursome filling results in a hearty and authentic dish. Roti’s are available across the island and each restaurant usually has it’s own secret blend of spicing, meaning you have to make sure you try more than one! The usual fillings usually contain either chicken, beef or fish and are balanced out with a mix of potato and a rich sauce. Perfect for some beachside relaxation and an ice cold Banks beer.

For the seafood-loving travellers among us, Mahi-Mahi is a taste that you will fall head over heels for. All the freshness of the Caribbean Sea and the combination of a meaty yet delicate texture results in this delight leaving you feeling as bright as the tropical sunshine! We at Handpicked Villas, think the best way to eat it is ‘blackened’, giving it a charred, intense taste. Yum! We recommend trying Pisces, in St Laurence Gap, where they have an amazing variety of fresh seafood, and always deliver on quality and service.¬†

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