If you’re looking for gourmet cuisine, and the very best in fine Caribbean dining, then Barbados can offer you an amazing choice in restaurants across the island. From the more rustic beachside haunts, to the ultimate in luxurious hilltop hideaways, this beautiful little island really caters for every culinary need.
In our humble opinion, the most luxurious and exclusive restaurant on the West Coast is THE CLIFF RESTAURANT, located in Derricks, St James (432 -1922), and should definitely be on any self respecting foodies ‘bucket list’.
Long established as one of the very best restaurants in the Caribbean, The Cliff is the number one choice for any celebration. The stunning cliff top setting, oceanfront and ambience are truly magical as well as the  the menu and choice of food, which makes the Cliff so special.  Whilst Chef,  Paul Owens, consistently gets accolades from top food writers, praising his creative talent, he and his team of 12 chefs remain committed to improving on their performance and to using only the finest freshest ingredients and producing consistent quality. The service is excellent as is the knowledge of the wine stewards. Available for private functions, reservations are required.  
Whilst the Cliff Restaurant is a special night out, you can have fabulous meals from your very own chef / cook if you choose to stay at one of our Handpicked Villas.
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