Where: Hills of St Joseph
Opening Times: Daily
Admission: $20 Barbados Dollars / $10 USD per person
This week I am writing about Huntes Garden, a favourite of mine because the owner, Anthony Hunte has lovingly landscaped an arena sized natural amphitheater into what can only be described as a wonderful garden.
Approximately half an hour from Holetown or the St Lawrence Gap on the south coast  in the lush hills of St Joseph, this garden offers one of the best experiences you can find on the east of this Caribbean island.
The gardens lie in the centre of Barbados’ rain forest, in a sink-hole like gully. They offer a multidimensional experience with plants growing at different levels, with sunny and open spaces to the bottom of the amphitheater. A picturesque and easy to walk through path offers many surprises with many mini gardens contained within the large unit , combining vibrant colours and  shapes of rare exotic plants which offer the visitor a most uplifting and  fulfilling experience.
There are small seating areas to relax and take in the surroundings whilst listening to Anthony’s classical music which is broadcast on a garden wide system.  Anthony is a great host and whist you are there, don’t forget to try his rum punch which he serves in a teapot.  There is a large plant nursery with specialist tropical plants from all over the world.

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