At the Handpicked Villas office, we work well to music. Music energises, inspires and entertains, it stimulates the mind and promotes concentration. As you can imagine, our Handpicked playlists are laced with summer vibes, chill-out tracks and anything worthy of reminding us of blissful beaches and Caribbean sunsets. So when Shuffle reminded us of this awesome summer track from 2012 by our French-Canadian friends Simple Plan, we started our own Summer research.
Interestingly the music video to this catchy, pop-punk summer anthem is shot in our very own Barbados! Having watched the vid, we clearly recognise the boulder-strewn beaches of Bathsheba on the East Coast and the calm waters of the Crane on the South Coast, where a few members of our team (naming no names) have faced their fears and jumped off the same cliff at the West end of the bay.
It takes us back to warm nights and summer fun in the Jewel of the Caribbean and makes us understandably nostalgic (and maybe a little jealous).
We thank you guys for bringing our favourite island into the public arena, it is one of the world’s true paradise points and every time it’s mentioned in the media we are truly delighted.
If you’d like to find your own slice of summer paradise in Barbados, head to Handpicked Villas for the ultimate in luxurious villas, and the tropical retreat of a lifetime.

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