The Caribbean has long been a destination popular with families, not least because of the picturesque silky-soft beaches, calm waters, safe and welcoming atmosphere, accessibility and the year round sunshine. As many seasoned travellers know, each tiny island boasts its own distinct personality. Whether you’re visiting Antigua for its 365 beaches, St Lucia for its adventure or Jamaica for its warmth and spirit, there is truly an offering for every visitor.

However, Barbados is well-regarded as offering a little of everything and is the ideal destination for entertaining the younger guests. With many outdoor activities, fun things to do on the (rare) cloudy day and summer fun, you can rest assured that your little ones will get as much out of the trip as you.

What To Do In Barbados With Kids

We understand that every child, like each island, has a distinct and unique personality. Luckily for us, Barbados boasts a plethora of adventures to entertain even the most discerning of younger guests. Providing children with a chance to learn, absorb new cultures and most importantly have fun, Barbados attractions are plentiful and will ensure your luxury holiday is more than just sun, sea and sand.


Outdoor Activities

Barbados Wildlife Reserve
More interactive than your typical Zoo, the wildlife reserve is the perfect environment for children to learn and experience the island’s vibrant wildlife up close. The mahogany wood shelters a variety of creatures from the roaming green monkeys to the cornucopia of colourful birds.

Island Safari
The 4×4 Jeep Safaris offered by Island Safari Barbados have proven to be non-stop fun expeditions to some of the most striking destinations on this beautiful island. With options to explore land & sea or even the possibility of creating your own tailor made journey, these exploratory adventures are perfect for families of all ages.
LOCATION: ST GEORGE (However, they will happily pick you up from your villa on request!)

Aerial Trek
This adrenaline-inducing treetop adventure is perfect for those younger guests with limitless energy to burn, plus is definitely a memorable experience for those young at heart! The unique views of the Jack-In-The-Box gully combined with the 1000ft trail have led Aerial Trek to win the TripAdvisor Excellence Award for 2013 & 2014! Swinging through the beautiful ecosystem under heavily scrutinised safety checks will ensure your adventures are fun and stress free. (Please note, only suitable for children aged 12 and over).


Calling All Young Explorers

Harrisons Cave
Deep within the heart of the island lies one of its most intriguing mysteries. Young or old, everyone who visits Harrisons Cave comes away with the most incredible memories. The breathtakingly beautiful underground limestone caverns flow with crystal clear waters and ignite the imagination of all. Showing a completely different side to Barbados, the subterranean tram takes guests deep down into the depths where a full interactive tour is given amongst the dimly lit formations.

Welchman Hall Gully Tropical Forest
This enchanted 3/4 mile long gully is home to a wide variety of unusual plants and trees, perfect for those with a passion for the outdoors. A troop of green monkeys are fed every day for guests’ enjoyment and the grounds are teeming with other fascinating wildlife. The epic natural history will enthuse creative minds and visitors can really imagine life 300 years ago in Barbados.

The rugged East Coast of Barbados is strikingly different to the calm waters of the West, and Bathsheba in particular is a truly incredible sight to behold. The Bathsheba pools, created by the super sized coral boulders littered along the shore, are the perfect spot for opportunist rock-poolers and children will love finding the crabs and other sneaky creatures hiding amongst the sands. Rent a car, pack a cooler and drive through the rainforest to the East for an afternoon of something new…


A Life On The Ocean Wave

Atlantis Adventure
Possibly one of the most family-friendly activities in Barbados, the Atlantis Submarine tours are fantastic fun and a complete must-do. With their excursions ranging from submarine night-dives to over-water cruises, guests can experience the diverse underwater wildlife from the safety of an air-conditioned vessel. As the curious exotic fish peek in at you from depths of up to 150 feet, relax to the chorus of ooohs and ahhhs from other visitors.

Swimming With Turtles
There are a plethora of Catamaran Cruises to choose from when in Barbados, most of which are centred around the central port in Bridgetown. However, when contemplating your ocean voyage, make sure you opt for an interactive turtle experience. The feeling of floating amongst these majestic creatures is so memorable and truly humbling. 

On a visit to the Caribbean, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to water-sports and sea-bound adventures. From snorkelling to scuba and jet-skis to all manners of inflatable furniture there is plenty to entertain younger guests, leaving parents with some well deserved time to relax. 


Fun Things To Do On A Cloudy Day

Concorde Experience
For those rare rainy afternoons on-island, it’s good to know that there’s an indoor attraction so intriguing that you won’t miss the beach! The Concorde Experience on the South Coast is a portal into the fascinating technology that sculpted one of the world’s most popular aviation advancements. Journey through 11 separate learning zones, play interactive games and actually climb on board a resting Concorde. Experience a true piece of history and watch your youngest light up with imagination.

A Night At The Movies (Drive-In Style)
Nothing beats the old-school feel of pulling up in a great spot, unpacking your cooler, fold-chairs and blankets and settling in for an open-air movie. For those who have never experienced such vintage bliss, take advantage of Barbados’ warm evening climate and check out the Globe Drive In. Offering 2 shows per night, a hot food menu, the latest movies and a brilliant atmosphere, families of all ages will enjoy this unique experience.

Miniature Golf
Mini-golf is fantastically fun and a great way to keep the kids occupied in a safe and friendly environment. The 18-hole course in St Thomas not only boasts mini adventures, but has fantastic panoramas over the coast for parents looking to sit and relax.


Packing Checklist for your Island Adventures

  • Suncream – An obvious one, but daytime excursions are not always sheltered.
  • Hats – We absorb the most heat through our heads, so little ones should be kept covered.
  • Water Bottle – Dehydration can happen easier than you think so keep hydrated.
  • Sunglasses – The glare during the summer months is often quite bright.
  • Easy Snacks – Keep smaller tummies full during long days of fun, just in case you travel somewhere remote.
  • Long Layers – Pack some longer layers for outdoor adventures that may involve scrambling through rainforest or delving into caves.
  • Mosquito Spray/Relief Pen – Just in case!
  • Tissues – The parent’s essential.
  • Swimming Costumes – There are so many beautiful beaches, you never know when the moment may take you!
  • Plastic Bags – Don’t risk any wet towels, clothes or costumes ruining the inside of your bag. Super handy!
  • Your Camera – There will be so many memorable moments that need capturing, they’ll thank you for it one day!

The Best Time To Visit Barbados With Kids

There are many things to consider when travelling to another country, especially when accompanied by children. Barbados boasts year-round sunshine, but some months are more preferable than others for families due to the intense temperatures and humidity.

Our recent article on The Best Time To Visit Barbados provides a month-by-month breakdown, so that you can plan your retreat like a pro.

If you’ve enjoyed our article on What To Do In Barbados With Kids, we’d love to hear your comments below! For more information on Luxury Villa Rental In Barbados, speak to our Luxury Villa Specialists today.

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