There are many things to consider when planning your visit to the Caribbean, and visiting Barbados is no exception to this. Using the Barbados weather, crowds and cost as your ‘yard-stick’ can ensure your visit is cost effective, relaxing and memorable.

Barbados Beach


Barbados weather is mostly tropical with average daytime temperatures of 24 – 29°C. These hot conditions are tempered by the prevailing cool northeast trade winds, meaning that although it is bright and sunny, it is not unbearably hot.


The beginning of the dry season which lasts until June. The nights are slightly cooler, but the weather during the day is beautifully warm, which is why the Island proves so popular during the Winter months for the rest of the Western population. There is low humidity, and little chance of any extreme weather. The average temperature each day is between 23-29°C.


February is similar to January with 9 hours of beautiful sunshine each day and very low levels of rainfall and relative humidity. Average temperatures are still high between 23-29°C.


Progressing towards the Summer months, the temperatures on-island pick up a little with daytime highs of 30°C. However, the welcome North-East trade winds that Barbados is famous for keep your visit comfortable. Again there is very little rainfall and no extreme weather to think about.


With sunny weather, cooling breezes and calm waters, April is a fantastic time to visit Barbados if you’re travelling with young children, as this month coincides with many school holidays. The 30°C climate in Barbados is perfect for banishing any blues and for topping up your bronzed complexion – don’t forget the suncream!

  • MAY

May brings with it the end of the dry season in Barbados, but still boasts beautiful warm  and bright days. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout your stay, as the hot weather can risk dehydration. Low rainfall and low humidity ensure your time in the sun is very pleasant.

  • JUNE

With the start of the rainy season, visitors to Barbados in June can expect medium amounts of rainfall coupled with 8 hours of daily sunshine. The temperatures increase however to between 25-31°C so the humidity increases slightly with it. June is also the first official month of the hurricane season, HOWEVER, Barbados has not suffered a major hurricane since 1955.

  • JULY

Even during the rainy season, it’s always summer in Barbados with showers passing quickly and 8 hours of daily sunshine. Even though the summer is associated with hurricane season, the Easterly position of Barbados means the likelihood of being directly hit by a storm is relatively low. July is also a great month to take advantage of summer specials!


Likely to be some showers during this month, BUT they are quickly blown off-island by the constant trade winds. Temperatures are still high with medium humidity, meaning there’s no need for anything heavier than linen clothing! Remember to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.


September is the rainiest month in terms of Barbados weather, with heavy showers that are brief and intense, with beautiful sunshine following. This is a great time to take advantage of all the indoor activities that the island has to offer!


As the winter months begin to descend on the rest of the world, Barbados weather remains beautifully sunny with daily highs around 30°C. However, October is usually one of the most humid months, so we recommend staying by the coastline with the cooling trade winds and the opportunity to dip in the warm Caribbean Sea.


Many view November as a great time for a tropical getaway as the prices are still low around the island, and the rainy season is tapering off. The hurricane season is also ending  and the humidity steadily falls. The island itself is draped in blue and gold (the national colours) as it celebrates independence.


December is much drier than it’s preceding months with low humidity and highs of 29°C. With hurricane season over, you won’t need to worry about storms invading your visit. Many choose to visit Barbados over Christmas/New Year as the weather is reliable and there is plenty of fun to be had across the island!

Barbados Tropical Beach


  • A less hurried way of life during the Summer months.
  • Beaches are much less crowded and often deserted, providing you with the ultimate tropical paradise.
  • There are many special offers and reduced rates to take full advantage of from May-December.
  • You’re less likely to need reservations at some of Barbados’ most prestigious restaurants along the West Coast.
  • Flights are generally more readily available and are easier to book, as well as being cheaper.
  • Remember, the best of the activities in Barbados are still there during the off-peak season, you miss out on nothing that the peak visitors enjoy.


There is never really a bad time to visit Barbados, so dependant on your personal preference and the type of holiday you enjoy, there can certainly be flexibility with your luxury villa rental dates.

If you were to press us for a definitive answer, the best time to go is either May or November as the weather is fantastic (before and after the rainy/storm season) but you’re still benefitting from the lower prices of the Summer season, and the incredible special offers that many can provide.

This all-year round destination, truly is the gem of the tropics and well worth considering for your next luxury visit to the Caribbean.


For such a small island, Grantley Adams International Airport boasts a large number of both domestic and private flights including daily flights from the UK, US and Canada.

For reference, the average flight times to Barbados from:

United Kingdom – 8.5 Hours
United States – Between 3.5-6.5 Hours
Canada – 5 Hours

For more information on flight schedules, times and journey lengths our ‘Travelling To Barbados‘ Destination Guide is the perfect resource for those not knowing where to start with their planning.

Panoramic Sunset

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