I feel a hello is in order as we have been extremely neglectful of our wonderful little blog for a few weeks. Now this is not due to laziness or a lack of interest but the fact that our Handpicked Villas team have been scouring the far corners of the Caribbean on your behalf, living the dream and sampling some of the most unbelievable luxury this beautiful part of the world has to offer…namely the haven, the paradise, the hidden jewell that is Scrub Island.
I say Scrub Island and for even the most discerning traveller eyebrows raise and confused expressions appear. I say the BVI and even then not many are aware of what exactly goes down in this north-westerly part of the tropics.
The BVI (British Virgin Islands) is a pristine collection of over 60 tiny, picture perfect, unspoiled islands, all within a 5/10 minute boat ride of each other. Now even we, with all our research, had no idea how this destination was going to feel. We had no idea how accessible every island is. How different every island is. And how unbelievably special every island is.
The journey to Scrub Island (from the UK at least) began at London Gatwick with an 8 hour flight to Antigua. After several films, several bags of sweets and a quick power nap we touched down into the incredible, soul-drenching, Caribbean sunshine. After a few days of villa investigation on the island with 365 beaches (one for every day of the year), we hopped on a short Liat flight to Tortola (Beef Island). With literally 45 minutes in the air and tiny airports, it was the most hassle free travel I’ve ever experienced!
From Tortola airport we were picked up by Scrubs wonderful limousine chauffeur and driven the 2 minute journey to the ferry dock. There are two things to mention at this point. 1. An air-conditioned limousine transfer service is included by Scrub to Trellis Bay ferry dock, and this is SO welcome in the midst of the equatorial sun. 2. I say ferry dock. What I actually mean is tiny wooden jetty, tiny sailing boats bobbing on the waves, pure white sand, a Carib beer, and a view that will knock the sandals right off your feet.
So, after a quick beverage and a chance to take in our first view of the BVI, we were met by our complementary Scrub Island ferry. Now this is where the adventure really begins. After a 10 minute (if that) incredible boat ride right through the middle of some outrageously beautiful islands, you turn the corner to witness Scrub in its full glory. Our Handpicked team are notoriously vocal in their appreciation for beautiful places, but even we were silent in our sheer awe of how breathtaking that first glimpse is.
With our jaws still metaphorically on the floor, we were met at the Scrub Island dock by the unbelievably kind and welcoming staff with a rum punch, our bags were swiftly whisked away and we were led to the huge marble and mahogany lined reception. Now, unusually, instead of your standard check-in desk, guests are invited to sit in large comfy armchairs at private welcome stations to chat with their guest management team. From the second we stepped foot into Scrub we felt like we were home. After a brief introduction and after receiving all the exciting information as to what was in store for us, we were driven to our villa in our own private buggy. Our bags were waiting for us and after a quick villa tour we could finally pinch ourselves over how superb this destination is.
And the BVI really is so much more than a destination.
60+ islands. SIXTY. And the proximity of them all to each other is breathtaking. For example, from most of Scrub Island you can see Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Peter Island. And they just keep getting better. There is a plethora of activities to entertain yourself with, and the fantastic thing about the BVI is you can take it at YOUR pace. Go sailing. Go hiking. Go swimming, snorkelling, scuba-diving. Eat. Drink. Relax. Soak up the sun. It is your vacation and this is paramount in the minds of the staff, the management and the owners.
Given the opportunity I could become sycophantic about how outrageously beautiful this part of the world is. But, on the other hand, I did promise myself that I would at least spread out my thoughts over several blogs to give our readers a chance to take it all in. So stay tuned for my view on Virgin Gorda, how to dine in style at Scrub and how to make the most of your trip of a lifetime.
In the words of one of the wonderful breakfast team: ‘You come to Scrub as a guest, you leave as part of our family’.

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