While on our exploration of the more northern parts of the Caribbean, we decided to skip countries to the US Virgin Islands, namely St John, to investigate a selection of potential new Handpicked Villas. We were lucky enough to stay in a beautiful beachfront villa on the South Coast in Rendezvous Bay. Throughout our trip we had experienced a plethora of wildlife including ocean-bombing pelicans, delicate hummingbirds, lizards, sharks, coral reefs teeming with tropical fish and all kinds of crustaceans. Nothing however, prepared us for what was to greet us in St John. Whilst investigating the grounds, we heard rustling from the trees above. Happily sat aloft in the branches were a whole gang of 2-foot long Iguanas. Sat there with there swivelling eyes checking you out. Apparently, they are a local delicacy as well as a prominent feature of the islands vegetation. We were fascinated by them and definitely took the opportunity for a reptile-themed photoshoot.


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