As self-confessed chocoholics ourselves, when we learned of an event that combined the nutritional and emotional values of this luxury treat and one of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean we were naturally VERY enthusiastic.

Grenada has long earned its title of the Spice Isle of the Caribbean because of the vast selection of spices grown on the island. This exotic spice array includes Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Pimento, Cloves, Bay Leaves, Turmeric, Ginger and Mace and all are grown at the famous Belmont Estate. Unfortunately since hurricane Ivan, the Nutmeg production which was the staple export, has decreased by about 75% and Cocoa has luckily overtaken as Grenada’s number one agricultural product. The well renowned Belmont Estate is now home to the Grenada Chocolate Company who’s sweet treats have won global awards and have repeatedly been recognised on an international scale.

For visitors planning to travel to Grenada this summer, we thoroughly recommend that your support local trade and head along to one of the many fascinating events taking place around the island for your taste of island life.

Grenada Chocolate Festival: 18th – 24th August 2014


Workers at the Belmont Estate processing the cocoa beans.


The process of drying the cocoa beans using local palm leaves.

Grenada’s Chocolate Festival in a Nut(meg) Shell

Monday 18th August: Get In The Mood For Chocolate
Starting with a visit to the Grenada Chocolate Company, guests can learn about the whole process of making chocolate, from the harvesting of the cocoa pods, to the fermenting and refining, then the eventual tempering and moulding. Visitors can also learn about all the different types of chocolate made in Grenada, some of which have won global awards!
Tuesday 19th August: Chocolate Indulgence
Visitors can relax with an indulgent yoga class while sipping on a cup of soothing Cocoa tea, followed by a special local breakfast and a handful of chocolatey treats. There is a workshop on the healths benefits of this illustrious bean, and a plethora of chocolate spa treatments around the island. End the night with a chocolate champagne sunset cruise.
Wednesday 20th August: Chocolate Workshops
The Grenada Chocolate Company runs a ‘chocolate tempering and truffle making workshop’ at the beautiful Belmont Estate, which includes light refreshments and a spot of lunch. There is also a fascinating cocoa and chocolate art exhibition and poem composition at the Belmont Estate Museum. For those who want to indulge in retail therapy, the community crafts shop and Bon Bon shop are ideal places to pick up local crafts.
Thursday 21st August: Chocolate, Rum and Other Treats!
For the creative souls amongst us, Thursday plays home to a chocolate moulding workshop where guests can create their own intricate chocolate figures and shapes. To tempt taste-buds and prompt your competitive sides there is a chocolate and local rum tasting and bartender cocktail competition. There is also a chocolate pastry, ice cream and sweets competition featuring local chef creations for those looking to pick up the best culinary tips. In the evening, take the laid back approach and watch the ‘Nothing Like Chocolate’ documentary.
Friday 22nd August: Lets Get Cooking!
It’s always 5’o clock somewhere and in Grenada you can experience the unique chocolate happy hour! A chocolate dinner competition is later held where guests have the chance to witness the competition, judge the food and buy tickets to taste the delicacies created. Local chefs have the challenge of creating a 3 course meal using chocolate and a mystery basket and is guaranteed to be a brilliant watch!
Saturday 23rd August: Chocolate Glamour Day
For budding fashionistas the cocoa inspired fashion show with local batiks and jewellery will certainly be a hit. Coupled with an arts and crafts bazaar it proves the perfect opportunity for guests to support local trades and learn more about the Caribbean culture. As a lighthearted way of ending the day, sit back and enjoy the chocolate theatrical skit and chocolate gala dinner.
Sunday 24th August: Visit The Estate and Meet The Cocoa Farmers
For the last day of this fascinating festival, visitors are treated to an authentic vendors and farmers market with games and activities for kids and adults alike. A grenadian lunch nicely rounds off the week with local music and traditional dancers. One last tour gives guests the opportunity to explore an organic goat dairy farm and another chance to see authentic cocoa processing.

Inside a freshly picked cocoa pod.

 For the full list of exciting and interesting activities that will be happening in Grenada during August, head to the Grenadine Tourist Board for more information. To fully permeate your senses with all that Grenada has to offer, explore our Handpicked Destination Guide for our exclusive villa collection and everything Grenadine.
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