Grenada boasts some of the most fantastic nightlife in the Caribbean. Taking into account its small size, there are few places that can rival the scale and scope of after dark activities. Whether its a visit to one of the friendly bars or the flamboyance of a spectacular dinner show, the night time entertainment of Grenada has an excellent array of choice!


The owl, St George
This friendly low key sports bar and restaurant, is the host of some great local entertainment including crab racing. Try one of their famous cocktails as you relax by the stunning Grand Anse beach.

Grenada Yacht Club
Membership is not necessary for visitors as the yacht Club is now open to the public. Visitors are subject to the club rules. Good local food (except the hamburgers) is available for lunch and dinner on the premises at very reasonable prices. Drinks are good value, and the atmosphere is friendly and very laid back.

Red Crab, L’anse Aux Epines
With distinctive dining in a relaxed atmosphere, and situated only minutes from Grenada’s fine hotels, our courteous staff is happy to serve you in the best Grenadian tradition.


Fantazia 2001, Morne Rouge
Dance the night away with a huge dance floor and a state-of-the-art light and sound system. Fantazia is home to the absolute best parties week after week, year after year.

KarmaThe Carenage
Located on the beautiful Carenage waterfront, overlooking the scenic St. George’s Harbour, Jarma is truly the next level of nightlife. The 10,000 square foot, split level super club is state of the art. With its intricate and opulent design, and atmosphere of elegance and energy, Karma is an amazing visual experience.

Bananas, St George’s
If you like to stay up late, check out Banana’s Nightclub and Bar in Grand Anse, where the party never stops!


Pirates Cove Dinner Theatre, St George’s
Come sit back, relax and enjoy a fun evening of song and dance – Musical numbers with a tropical twist to make your after dinner a delight. A Grenadian cast that will mesmerize you with wonderful singing and dancing. From Samba to Calypso to Bosa Nova and more. 




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