Due to Grenada’s heavenly location so close to the equator, they experience a beautiful, consistent tropical climate all year round. The temperature typically stays in the mid-eighties, however like most Caribbean islands, Grenada experiences two seasons:
RAINY: June-December
DRY: January-May
Despite having a rainy season, like all tropical storms, they are over in a flash of heavy comforting rain, and you are once again presented with warming, sun-kissed days.
We all dream of flying away for Christmas and New Year and there is no better destination than Grenada. The palms and beautiful walkways are lined with festive decoration, and Caribbean inspired Christmas music drifts across the island. Many chefs prepare yuletide feasts to maintain tradition, with a Spice Isle signature of course.
This season also plays home to a variety of sailing competitions that bring along with them a whole plethora of activities and excitement. The Grenada Sailing Festival Workboat Regatta and the Billfish Tournament are definitely worth checking out, as they usually accommodate a multitude of pre-parties and get-togethers for everyone to enjoy.

The Levera National Park is a must-see during this season, as this is when giant leatherback turtles come ashore at night to lay and bury their eggs in the traditional way. Once the turtle is entranced with its laying, visitors can venture a little closer, in some instances you can even gently stroke them while their mind is focused on delivering their young.
With a smaller amount of rainfall in Spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore Grenada’s rain forests with a hike through the landscapes. Mount Saint Catherine (2756ft) is the highest point in Grenada and a hike up there is an excellent way to spend half a day, luxury picnic in hand.

The beginning of the rainy season brings an abundance of beautiful, local produce. You will be able to sample huge avocadoes, mangoes and other fruits on the many stands that line the roads throughout the island.
Like its Caribbean cousins, Grenada enjoys its festival season during the summer months. There is something for every traveller to enjoy, from late night dancing, to listening to the delightful bands and is truly a sight worth seeing.

The fall season bears host to an abundance of the Spiny Lobster. These delicious sea creatures, with sweet and succulent flesh, are found in plentiful supply and are the focal point of many a chef’s kitchen. The season starts in September and ends in April, and it is worth watching the local fishermen and their traditional techniques for catching these delicious, claw-less fruits de la mer!
The Caribbean RumĀ + Beer Festival starts in November, whilst contributing to various charities, it is a great place to socialise and to enjoy the local beverages. The Rum Cocktail Wars are definitely not to be missed, as well as the live local music and local crafts.
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