Best Golf Courses In Jamaica

For those looking to indulge in 18 holes during their time away, Jamaica is truly the Caribbean island of choice when it comes to a good game. The best golf courses in Jamaica are by no doubt located in Montego Bay, the island’s premier coastal hub to the North.

Luxury villa rental marries perfectly with this timeless sport, ensuring that both budding golfers and their family and friends can all relax and pursue their own interests within the comfort of a fully staffed retreat.

Our handpicked guide gives you the lowdown on our Top 5 Golf Courses In Jamaica, with all the key information you need to know to ensure the holiday of a lifetime. Choose from dramatic fairways, challenging greens and spectacular scenery all served up with a side order of true Jamaican hospitality.

Half Moon Golf Club - Jamaica

White Witch (876) 632-7444

  • Rapidly becoming a modern classic, and quickly earning golf accolades from across the golfing globe, this dramatic course is truly fantastic. Filled with waterfalls, ponds, 700 ft drops and other delights, it is truly one to try for the adventurous.
  • Between US$130 – 185 + 8.25% Tax for 18 holes.
  • Golf Pro: Ken Depew
  • Caddies available, included in green fees.
  • Cart rental is also included in green fees.

Half Moon (876) 953-2560

  • With a classic Robert Trent Jones design and a lure for big-hitters this resort based course undulate across the beautiful lowlands of Jamaica. Surrounded by spectacular scenery, these 18 holes really showcase their Caribbean home.
  • Annual US$150 for 18 holes.
  • Golf Pro: Byron Bernard
  • Driving range available.
  • Mandatory caddie is US$20 + tip.
  • Cart rental is optional at US$35 + tax.
  • Golf club rental is available at US$30 per 18 holes.

Cinnamon Hill (876) 953-2984

  • A younger brother to the infamous White Witch, Cinnamon Hill is another course that challenges golfers with its rugged terrain that leads to the seashore. With holes hugging the sea, guests can experience the taste of salt surf in the air. Bliss!
  • Between US$79 – 169 for 18 holes.
  • Golf Pro: Gary Slatter
  • Caddies available, included in green fees.
  • Cart rental is also included in green fees.
  • Golf club rental is available at US$55.

Tryall Club (876) 956-5681

  • Notoriously regarded as the best course in Jamaica, and home to many an international tournament, the variety of challenging holes provides something to suit every taste. For a truly tropical treat, ask your caddie to slice the top off one of the many coconuts for a refreshing mid-game rest.
  • Between US$75 – 150 + 16.5% Tax for 18 holes.
  • Golf Pro: Nelson Long
  • Caddies are available between US$30-45 + tip.
  • Golf carts for rental at US$35 + tax.
  • Golf club rental available at US$50 per day + tax.
  • No metal spiked golf shoes.

Jewel at Runaway Bay (876) 973-7319

  • For visitors staying in Discovery Bay and neighbouring Runaway Bay, this is definitely the most convenient course. As one of the more light-hearted courses, lose yourself in the comforting warmth of a Caribbean afternoon and hit till your hearts content.
  • Annual US$80 for 18 holes.
  • Golf Pro: Ian Melville
  • Caddies are available at US$14.
  • Golf carts for rental at US$35.
  • Golf club rental available at US$14.

Each of the above costs are subject to season, terms and conditions. Please enquire with your club of choice for further information.


Your Golfing Type

  • The Golfing Enthusiast with a Serious Handicap

This golfer plans their whole holiday around the love of the game. Making sure that the rest of the family is occupied (which is super easy with luxury villa rental and a full staff), they tend to congregate in and around the club-house, comparing score cards, writing notes and beating themselves up about that ‘totally uncharacteristic’ flaw in their short game.

  • The Genuine Professional

This golfer plays for a living, is maybe high-profile and is constantly on tour. They want the much-needed relaxation and privacy that Caribbean villa rental brings, but still need to be within easy access of professional-standard courses for practice purposes.

  • The ‘Group-Loving’ Golfer

This golfer regularly takes the opportunity to organise group getaways to exotic lands, where both enthusiasts and part-timers can come together to enjoy a round or two. Luxury villa rental is perfect for the ‘Group-Loving Golfer’ as the open plan layouts and large amounts of space mean that you can extend the party all the way from the course to the pool.

  • The Part Timer

Keen to recline on beaches, explore jungles, experience culinary delights and adventure in general, this golfer also likes to squeeze in a game of golf during their time away. The benefits of luxury villa rental appeal to this golfer as they can easily divide their time between many pursuits.

Luxury Villas In Jamaica

If you’re an avid golfer, part-time putter, energetic enthusiast or surveyor of spectacular scenery, contact our Luxury Villa Specialists today for the widest range of luxury villa rentals in Jamaica. Many of our villas adjoin/have membership to the Tryall Club and Half Moon, where guests can enjoy the luxury amenities of these exclusive resorts, within the privacy of their own villas.

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