There are several points to consider when planning your visit to the Caribbean, and Jamaica is no exception. Factoring in the weather, crowds and cost can make your experience far more cost effective and will ensure you know exactly how you can make the most of your trip.

Jamaica Beach


With a tropical marine climate and sea breezes that cool the land against a mountainous backdrop, Jamaica is ideal for those looking for all the perks of beautiful sunshine, but in a bearable atmosphere.

Many visitors and locals alike would tell you that the best time to visit Jamaica is from December – April as the weather is dry and a tan-inducing 30 degrees. However, resorts and villas annually increase their prices during this period and customers regularly end up paying double what they would during the quieter months.

The off-peak season (May-November) is far cheaper, and you’ll find the island has a calmer, more tranquil atmosphere to it as there are less guests. However, the weather is slightly more humid and hot. This is due to the rainy season (May-June) bringing moisture into the trade-wind breezes. But don’t be disheartened – rain in the Caribbean is a far cry from our native drizzle. They are more akin to heavy tropical spurts that are immediately followed by glorious rays of sunshine.

Hurricanes. We all hear about them, and for many, not much is known about their frequency, location and what they actually involve. Jamaica for example, has only experienced the effects of 5 hurricanes in the past 50 years. They mostly involve frequent bouts of rain, and a slightly more humid atmosphere. We recommend travel insurance to all of our guests, but if travelling during August and September it’s probably best to make this high on your pre-travel checklist.

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  • A less hurried way of life and a total ease with the island.
  • Beaches are much less crowded and often deserted, providing you with the ultimate tropical paradise.
  • There are many special offers and reduced rates to take full advantage of.
  • You’re less likely to need reservations at some of Jamaica’s most prestigious restaurants.
  • Flights are generally more readily available and are easier to book, as well as being cheaper.
  • Remember, the best of the Jamaican attractions are still there during the off-peak season, you miss out on nothing that the peak visitors enjoy.


There is never really a bad time to visit Jamaica, so dependant on which criteria appeals to you the most, you can be flexible with your luxury villa rental.

If you were being technical, the best time to visit Jamaica is from October-November as the weather is fantastic, but you’re still just missing out on the price increases of the peak season.

This all-year round destination, truly is the jewell of the Caribbean and well worth considering for your next luxury visit to Jamaica.


For our UK guests, there are a plethora of flights to choose from dependant on where you live in the country.  There are daily direct flights from London or Manchester, which take approximately 9.5 hours. Check out Virgin Atlantic, Thomson and Thomas Cook for more flight information and timetables.

We recommend that you fly to Montego Bay’s Airport (Sangster International – MBJ) for a short transfer to some of the most luxurious villas in Jamaica and some of the premier beaches on the island. It is situated in the North-West of the island and provides an easy way to get to the main coastal resorts.

For more information on flight routes from around the world, head to our helpful destination guide and start planning your visit today.


  • From March to mid-April, Spring Break occurs across the Caribbean. This means that local children and teens will be enjoying a well-deserved holiday and making the most of the beaches and the amenities across the island. Whilst they are well behaved you may find that local facilities are a little busier so just bear this in mind.
  • If you love the sunshine, but struggle with the heat of the Caribbean, remember this handy tip. In Jamaica, every 100m you move inland, the temperature drops by 1/2 a degree. This is because proximity to the mountains brings cooler air and a more refreshing experience.

To learn more about your luxury villa rental in Jamaica, head to Handpicked Villas for first hand advice, and the most exclusive villa collections.

We hope you found our guide on the best time to visit Jamaica helpful, we’d love to hear from you about your visit to Jamaica, so please comment below!

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