In many Spanish countries, there are a plethora of fiestas to enjoy throughout the year, and Mallorca is no exception to this! Each fiesta has its own charm and personality, each laced in its own meaning. The most impressive displays are found in Pollensa and Soller. To attend these special events is to fully immerse yourself in local culture, and everybody is made welcome.
The food is usually the focal point, and great feasts take place in a celebratory way to mark the occasion. Popular dishes are based on hearty, peasant fare steeped in local tradition and rooted in local ingredients. Locally made sausages and cured ham, alongside plenty of almond based dishes and fish. The olives here are truly delicious and coupled with local breads, make for a delightful appetiser.
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Read below for an overview into these intricate and fascinating Fiestas:
Holy Week is celebrated throughout Mallorca with various processions during the week, starting with Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, in most of the villages. The following week the festival of pancaritats is held in most of the sanctuaries and hermitages all over Mallorca.
May 9-11th (approx.) 
Moors and Christians mock battle in Soller – celebrates the victory over the Turkish pirates in 1561. (also known as Ses Dones Valentes – the Brave Ladies.) The second Sunday of May, is celebrated in Soller the mise en scène of the fight between the inhabitants of the islands against the Saracens.
May 26th 
Corpus Christi – very old traditional parade in Pollensa town. Unique dancing display, Ball de les Aguiles (Dance of the Eagles).
June 24th
Felanitx – St Joan Pelós – the man who represents John the Baptist and goes dancing through the streets of Felanitx to the sound of specific flute, guitar and violin music.
June 29th 
Feast of St Peter – very popular in the Port of Alcudia – patron saint of the fishermen. (Also celebrated in Palma, Alaró, Búger and Esporlas.)
July 10th 
St Christopher – patron saint of the lorry drivers. Drivers decorate lorries and vans and drive through the towns in convoy with horns blowing and throwing out sweets to the onlookers.
July 16th (approximately)
Patron Saint of Puerto Pollensa – Virgen del Carmen. Concerts, parades, sports and art events also featuring maritime processions. Culminating in a firework display on the beach on the last Sunday night.
July 20th (approximately)
In hot climates there tend to be many ants. Please remember this when cooking and clearing up; we recommend that you do not leave any food or crumbs lying about in the open in your property as this will attract ants.
July 26th to August 2nd
Pollensa’s fiesta. A week of dancing, concerts and exhibitions held in Pollensa ending with the simulated Moors and Christians Battle on the 2nd August. The procession starts in the main street and continues to the old football ground which is located just outside the town on the road to Lluc by the roundabout.
July 27th 
Valldemossa – Feast of Santa Catalina Tomas. “La Beata” procession.
August 2nd
Celebrates the Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles. A historical battle between Joan Mas and the pirates who attacked the island, can be observed in Pollensa.
August 15th
Cala d’Or – Verge de la Mar – maritime procession and traditional dancing.
August 27-28th
Famous celebrations in Felanitx – St Agustin . On Saturday, the comparsa of giants comes out accompanied by “Els Cavallets” and the devil. They perform several dances in the streets to the sound of bagpipes, flutes and drums.
September 10th 
Cas Concos del Cavaller celebrates its patron saint’s day, Nuestra Señora de la Maravillas.
September 11th
In Vilafranca they celebrate the fiesta of the melon; and in Lloret de Vistalegre it is also fiesta.
September 12th
Felanitx – pilgrimage to the Puig of Sant Salvador . Also the Festival at the Sanctuary of Lluc.
September 25th
Binissalem – Festes des Vermar (wine festival). The celebration lasts 3 days. The “Vermadora Major” and her ladies are chosen and there are pasacalles, verbenas, dances and floats. October – trade fair in Alcudia First Sunday in October.
October 17th
Palma – “La Beateta” – in honour of St Catalina Thomas – a procession with floats from all over the island through the main streets of the centre of Palma.
October 20th – October 21st
Is the feast of Sta Ursula and the 11,00 virgins.”The Day of the Virgins” is celebrated all over the island. Originally the young men would serenade their girlfriends. “Buñuelos” (home made doughnuts) are on sale around the towns and villages.

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