Every country has their own traditions when it comes to NYE. The Scottish crowd into Edinburgh for Hogmanay, the Americans gather in Times Square for the infamous countdown, the Aussies light up the sky with fireworks spilling from Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Mallorcans however, have a style all of their own.
With the heavy influence of regional cultures, each town within Mallorca has it’s own approach to the grand celebration that is New Years Eve. The 31st December is celebrated all over the island, with copious amounts of glittering fireworks being the central theme. There is live music and dancing amongst the streets, with a friendly and atmospheric feel to the celebrations.
The eating of the twelve grapes tradition is perhaps the more unusual of the festivities for native Mallorcans. The ritual consists of eating a single grape with the beat of each bell strike at midnight on December 31st. According to folk lore dating back to 1895, this process leads to a year of prosperity and good fortune.
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