With milder winters and beautiful, hot summers, Mallorca enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate. Their Summer season (May – September), boasts a very hot August with average temperatures of just above 30 degrees. The natural beauty of this island caused by it’s ideal climate, makes Mallorca a popular destination for those looking for a relaxing holiday.
Usually the summer season experiences a good deal of rainfall coupled with beautiful sunshine. Throughout the summer the island remains hot, ideal for sunbathing and days by the beach or pool. Coastal areas benefit from a cooling breeze, which may be more ideal for those who want to relax in the shade.
Despite October being the wettest month in this season, the fall is an ideal time to visit as temperature are more bearable and a lot more sight-seeing and exploring can be done in comfort.
This remarkably mild season comes in December and lasts till February. Although up the mountains snowfall is regularly seen, it hardly ever sticks lower down. Highs of 16 degrees mean the temperature is still pleasant.
From March till May, the temperature remains warm with little rainfall. Night time remains fairly cool although generally during the day, visitors experience more than nine hours of sunshine each day.

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