As one of our research team was doing some pre-emptive christmas shopping the other day, they happened upon some info about a fantastic cocoa flavoured surprise in the form of the Boucan restaurant in St Lucia. This quirky little restaurant, nestled in between the spectacular pitons, is owned by none-other than the inspirational and frankly delicious chocolatiers ‘Hotel Chocolat’.

Alongside picking up a selection of sweet treats, they also happened upon an informative leaflet, describing the infintismal ways that restaurant quality food can be enhanced by the creative use of cocoa, and when St Lucia was mentioned their preverbial ears pricked up!

We’ve taken a look at their culinary cocoa infused creativity and would like to make a recommendation to you, our discerning guest, that you head to Soufriere to take a bite out of this intriguing concept. The setting is spectacular and the photography stunning, so whilst you are relaxing on your tropical retreat with Handpicked Villas┬ámeander across to try their Cacao Gazpacho or the tantalisingly sounding Confit of Duck, Bittersweet Orange Cacao Sauce + White Chocolate Mash.

Whatever your Cacao preference we really think this is a novel and intriguing idea and would love to hear some feedback from you on what you thought. We will certainly be dining out the next time we’re in St Lucia as we’re insistent on our chocolate fix!

Bon Appetit!

(P.S. Their cocktails look mouthwateringly delicious too!)


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