On the tiny Maria Island Reserve, just one km south of St Lucia, a slithery suspect has found it’s way into the journals of many biologists and herpetologists around the world. The Caribbean racer snake was unbelievably declared extinct in 1963, but a dedicated group of scientists and volunteers alike have spent 5 months scouring this rocky outcrop and found at least 11 slithering around in the undergrowth searching for lizards and frogs to eat. These non-venemous, 3-foot brown snakes have also been fitted with microchips, which will provide vital data for the next decade. Hopefully, this will go some way towards understanding their species and being able to implement important conservation techniques.
“It provides us with another opportunity to preserve a piece of biodiversity that we thought we had lost forever.” – Brian Cother (US Expert on Caribbean Snakes)
The Caribbean is truly a garden of eden where wildlife is concerned, the vast rain forests and lush tropical climate prove a safe haven for a plethora of winged, legged, furry, scaly, slimy and friendly creatures. So, it is no surprise that these beautiful, copper-coloured snakes have managed to evade the human eye for so long, with the canopies of palms and the rock strewn jungles protecting their sssssecret.
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