Whilst watching one of my all time favourite Sitcoms from the 90s and simultaneously conducting some research into one of my personal favourites, St Lucia, I came across a quirky but equally delightful fact about a St Lucian born supporting star who’s dry sense of humour and faux-brit wit has kept me giggling for over a decade.
Joseph Marcell a.k.a Geoffrey the Butler from the globally known, Will Smith showcase that was ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ was born in St Lucia, but moved to the UK at the age of nine. His rhythm and refined personality are a shining tribute to his St Lucian heritage. See him below in some of his funniest sketches:
However, we can’t typecast Mr Marcell just as a sarcastic, sly butler. His repertoire includes so much more. His pronunciation and renowned etiquette have lent him a path to the stage. He is currently starring in the Shakespearian King Lear in London. He has also appeared in many of our British TV Institutions including Eastenders, Touch of Frost and Holby City.
We salute you Joseph, thank you for bringing a smile to our faces for so long.

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