What To Do In St Lucia With Kids

Knowing how to keep the little ones entertained in a new country can sometimes seem a daunting task. Whilst there are the beautiful beaches and infinite pools to consider, finding out what other adventures there are to be had can require insider knowledge. Which is why we’re delighted to share with you our favourite fun-filled activities to plan with your loved ones.

Outdoor Adventures

Desbarras Turtle Watch
The female leatherback, renowned in the Caribbean, returns to the shores where she was born to bury her eggs in the sand, under cover of night, and you can be a witness to it all during the Turtle Watch at Des Barras. This is not only an excellent tour, but signing up for it helps one of the biggest sustainable tourism efforts in Saint Lucia. The Turtle Watch is run by the community of Des Barras and the guides bring lots of insider knowledge to the experience. An excellent natural and cultural experience for budding conservationists.

Treetop Canopy Adventure
For visitors of every age, this exhilarating world-class zip line experience is an adventure not quickly forgotten. Zooming through the tropical rainforest, trained guides take you through some of the most incredible views over 12 lines.

Segway Nature Trail
Explore whilst driving your own segway along a nature trail on Mt Pimard. There are plenty of photo opportunities to take advantage of and the friendly guides will be able to explain everything along the way. The little ones will love the stories of battles once fought and the wildlife that moves all around them.

Jeep Safari
Perfect for a full sweep of the island from the comfort of a 4×4, these entertainingly guided tours are a great way to learn all about St Lucia.

Rain Forest Adventures St Lucia

Young Explorers

Diamond Botanical Gardens
Consistently described as one of the most beautiful natural wonders in St Lucia, this six acre multi award winning site is a haven for younger adventurers. With natural mineral baths and the ‘Diamond Water Falls’ your little ones can explore the grounds in harmony.

La Soufriere Drive In Volcano
This truly one-of-a-kind experience will ensure your holiday is not forgotten in a hurry! Locally know as the ‘Sulphur Springs’, the drivable road runs right up to and through the crater of the volcano. Guests of all ages can walk right next to the steaming land mass, and there are even hot mud baths to dip a toe (or whole body) into!

Rainforest Tours
Nothing quite beats the impeccable views, textures, sights and sounds of trekking through the rain forests of the Caribbean. With tours in St Lucia you have the truly unique experience of being able to swim in natural pools, taste fresh tropical fruits and bask under waterfalls.

Atlantic Shores Riding Stables
An experience truly not to be missed and suitable for beginners and the more experienced riders alike. Swim with horses in the ocean, ride along beaches and explore hilltops by saddle. Our top tip to visiting families is to where long trousers when riding – the temperature can cause chaffing if not!


A Life On The Ocean Wave

Kite Surfing
For those who love an adrenaline rush and a challenge, kitesurfing can prove the perfect family day at the beach. Located on one of the northernmost points in St Lucia; Cas En Bas Beach, this seaside activity is ideal for those staying in the exclusive Cap Estate. The resident teacher is Beth Lygoe, a very experienced instructor and well travelled expert. With the younger guests occupied in the water, you’ll have plenty of time to recline on the beach and absorb the beautiful views.

Whale & Dolphin Watching
There is nothing more dramatic than watching nature at work. Your children will be fascinated by this wave-bound safari where they can watch humpback and sperm whales navigate the waters. Spotted dolphins skip alongside the boat and memories are created that will more than outlast your days in paradise.


Fun Things To Do On A Cloudy Day

Our Planet NASA Experience
As with all of the Caribbean, there will be those rare days where the tropical rain breaks through and the beach is a no go. In which case, your junior explorers may be keen to learn about the universe in a fun, interactive centre where projects are many and knowledge is entertaining.

Baywalk Shopping Mall
Collecting souvenirs from your luxury villa holiday can be more than just picking up the dotted seashells along the shoreline. This one-stop shopping experience is jam-packed with restaurants, shops, 24-hour security and convenient parking. There is plenty of entertainment for the little ones, so head down to Rodney Bay for retail therapy with a difference!

St Lucia Megaplex 8
When the sunshine briefly evades you, or you fancy some respite from the hot Caribbean sun, then a trip to the St Lucian movies may prove ideal. Showcasing the latest releases and with a wide range of child-friendly flicks, plus 3D capability, their screens prove a great distraction when the weather doesn’t go your way!


Packing Checklist for your Island Adventures

  • Hats
  • Suncream
  • Sunglasses
  • Water Bottle
  • Long Layers
  • Easy Snacks
  • Mosquito Spray/Relief Pen
  • Swimming Costumers
  • Tissues
  • Your Camera
  • Plastic Bags

The Best Time To Visit St Lucia With Kids

There are many things to consider when travelling to another country, especially when accompanied by children. St Lucia boasts year-round sunshine, but some months are more preferable than others for families due to the intense temperatures and humidity.

Our recent article on The Best Time To Visit St Lucia provides a month-by-month breakdown, so that you can plan your retreat like a pro.

If you’ve enjoyed our article on Keeping The Kids Entertained In St Lucia, we’d love to hear your comments below! For more information on Luxury Villa Rental In St Lucia, speak to our Luxury Villa Specialists today.

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