The 23rd July 2012 bought with it the one year anniversary of the modern soul legend, and tortured young genius, Amy Winehouse. As we look back at her recent career, we want to celebrate the positive impact she had on the tourism of St Lucia and the various youth programmes that she was actively planning to be involved in. Before she died last year at age 27, Amy Winehouse told her family that she wanted to one day open a music school in St. Lucia, preserve jazz culture in New Orleans, and help heal children globally through the power of music.

It really seems that Amy had fallen in love with this jewell of the Caribbean, and despite the troubles that may have affected her life, bought St Lucia a recognition throughout the world that it so deserves. The idyllic surroundings and peaceful nature of the island served as a well needed retreat and by all accounts instilled a calm within her that was recognisable by friends and family.

One year one, thankyou Amy, for showing the world how St Lucia is truly a haven. Rest in Peace.

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