re.lax.a.tion: (noun)
1. the statement of being free from tension or anxiety.

We all need a helping hand (or a selection of balinese palms) to melt away the stresses of day to day life every now and again, and for those travelling to the far reaches of the planet, it’s reassuring to know that you can place your trust in centres of complete tranquility and relaxation when you arrive.

To mirror the unspoilt, thoroughly indulgent and downright heavenly practices that take place in some of the globe’s most idyllic retreats, we’ve taken the stress out of your search and compiled our top ‘7 Spas Resorts In The Caribbean Worth Your Time’. From the azure waters of Antigua to the soporific effects of St Lucia, we have it covered. Each beautiful wellness centre has been chosen due to it’s unique attributes, the professionalism of it’s staff, the quality of it’s treatments and its utterly fabulous location.

So recline, unwind and let your mind slip into a figurative essential-oil infused, bath of knowledge with our handpicked selection of luxury lifestyle retreats.

1. AMRITA SPA (CANOUAN) – The ‘In Touch With Nature’ One

Amrita Spa - Canouan, The Grenadines

With roots in ancient Sanskrit legend where mystical gods search for the potent elixir that would grant them eternal youth, Canouan Spa epitomises the mystery and wonder that total relaxation (which is now foreign for many of us) can bring. The sensuous menu and dedicated staff promise renewal, and on that they deliver. The feeling of being reborn is pronounced by the elegant touches that grace every aspect of the Spa.
Nine thatched roof palapa suites, coupled with the two unique over-water suites are complemented by private jacuzzis, freshwater pools and a fitness center for those looking to burn off the sumptuous delicacies this island has to offer.

TREAT YOURSELF TO: Canouan’s Signature Relaxation Massage


2. IXORA SPA (SCRUB ISLAND, BVI) – The ‘Views To Die For’ One

Ixora Spa - Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands

As one of the only resorts in the Caribbean that can claim an affinity with the luxurious and globally known L’Occitane, The Ixora Spa on Scrub Island is the ultimate in relaxation. With the treatment rooms overlooking the vista of crystal clear waters and in the distance, Grand Camanoe, guests melt into sheer delight and a state of pure tranquility.
‘Relax, Refresh and Re-Energize’ is the in-house mantra and this is achieved through their impressive treatment rooms, manicure and pedicure area, infinity pool and L’Occitane boutique. The Spa itself is carved into the cliff-side and as it is located to the rear of the island it enjoys immense tranquility.

TREAT YOURSELF TO: Their Signature Shea Scrub And Body Wrap



Laluna's Wellness Sanctuary - Grenada

Emphasis on the individual has always been keen in the reputed socialite Bernardo Bertucci’s, design and implementation of LaLuna resort in Grenada, and the similarities don’t end at their superbly thought-out ‘wellness sanctuary’. The Asian Spa, alongside their peaceful Yoga Pavilion, offers guests the chance to reflect and to dictate their own schedule.
Integrating Caribbean charm and eastern techniques the sanctuary is equipped with a couples room (ideal for our many honeymooners), a wet room with Vichy Shower, Tatami room for more intense massage, a tranquility pavilion with tea bar and a library for those wishing to soothe their mind, as well as their body.

TREAT YOURSELF TO: Indonesian Massage Therapy


4. SENSE, A ROSEWOOD SPA (JUMBY BAY, ANTIGUA) – The ‘Ultimate Indulgence’ One

Sense, A Rosewood Spa - Jumby Bay, Antigua

One of a kind, ambience and vivid attention to detail are just some of the key features that have elevated Long Island from a forgotten stretch of sand to what we now know as the Jumby Bay resort. Rosewood has long had the reputation for delivering incomparable luxury and refinement and no expense has been spared on this private island dream.
The island is provocative, coaxing it’s exclusive guests to live large and sensually. The treatments themselves stay true to their surrounding and are inspired by local traditions and the abundant natural resources surrounding them.
The unique ‘Spa Tapas’ is a really interesting process, allowing guests to pick and choose their desired treatments, and design their own relaxation packages. Truly bespoke and truly Jumby.

TREAT YOURSELF TO: The Jumby Signature Ritual


5. JADE MOUNTAIN SPA (ST LUCIA) – The ‘Holistic And Earthy’ One

Jade Mountain Spa - St Lucia

Split into two luxurious beachfront centres (Kai En Ciel and Kai Belte), Jade Mountain is forefront in the ‘respect for the uniqueness of the individual’ in St Lucia. With a strong division of ‘Ayurveda’ techniques and treatments, the Spas are unique in introducing guests to this 5000 year old healing science, whilst in the awe-inspiring shadow of the legendary Pitons.
Whilst your balance and well-being are restored, guests have the chance to tone-up or cool down with the state-of-the-art fitness studio and complimentary yoga lessons.

TREAT YOURSELF TO: The Rainbow Body Chakra Balancing Massage
SIGNATURE PRODUCTS: Emeralds, Aromatherapy Associates, Ayurvedic Products By TARA.


6. SPA AT PETER ISLAND (PETER ISLAND, BVI) – The ‘All Round Show-Stopper’ One

Spa At Peter Island - Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

This 10,000 square foot centre of healing and indulgence, is testament to the way of living at Peter Island; exclusive, luxurious and unique in every which way. Boasting 10 indoor treatment rooms, 2 outdoor bohios, couples suites, beachside jacuzzi and tranquility garden and a eucalyptus steam room, visitors are truly spoilt when they are met at Peter Islands private dock.
The Spa backs onto the pristine Big Reef Bay, and allows the more hectic minded of individuals to truly lose themselves in the beauty of these islands.

TREAT YOURSELF TO: A Honey And Sesame Seed Body Glow


7. LE SPORT WELLNESS CENTRE (ST LUCIA) – The ‘Healthy Mind And Body’ One

Le Sport Wellness Centre - St Lucia

With key pillars of philosophy including relaxation, restorative beauty, exercise and good diet, Let Sport Wellness Centre makes a bold claim in rejuvinating it’s clients into the most polished versions of themselves that are polished. True to it’s word, these claims are backed up by award after award from Conde Nast to Spa Finders Annual.
What makes this centre so delightfully different is the education you receive on truly treating your body as a temple. Staff have set industry standards across the Caribbean in their training, precision and technique so that guests can put their full trust and faith into receiving idyllic results.

TREAT YOURSELF TO: An Exotic Coconut Milk Wrap



To find out more information on our ‘Top Treats for Busy Bodies’, head to Handpicked Villas where our dedicated reservations specialists will be happy to provide you with as much information as possible on your tropical retreat.

To share your rejuvenation and relaxation tales, please comment/share below.

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