Our discerning, luxury villa guests deserve the forefront in luxury luggage. Luggage that will be able to withstand the often trans-atlantic, long haul flights to the Caribbean without breaking a sweat. Luggage that is smart, efficient and boasts a few basic design features that will ensure your valuables arrive in one piece, and with the style and sophistication that complements your luxury villa holiday.

Recommended Design Features

Handle – Whether its retractable and fully integrated, or poking from the head of your rucksack, it needs to be properly attached. This sounds like basic science, but I have many times had the unfortunate experience of choosing style over substance and plumping for a beautiful holdall or tote that has disintegrated with the weight of a couple of books.

TOP TIP: Make sure the handle is not just stitched but bolted outside the bag, otherwise you could face your carry-ons rolling across the departure lounge.

A Low Centre Of Gravity – For the spatially unaware, myself included, a pull-along suitcase with a low centre of gravity will ensure that you won’t trip over it whilst manoeuvring through the airport. It will also mean that the bag has more chance of supporting itself upright, and won’t fall on you.

TOP TIP: Look for a bag with a long extension handle, with the bulk of the storage space falling below hip height.

Material + Shape – Lightweight materials are truly the future for the discerning traveller. Leather bags may look the business, but are usually the heaviest to carry around and after a long haul flight you want your journey through the carousel and customs to be as smooth and stress free as possible.

TOP TIP: If you are a fiend for fabrics, go for the tightly woven, waterproof options or if you like the more futuristic design there are a plethora of hard-cased, shell options that can take a fair amount of battering.


Our Best Luggage Buy For 2014



Roll Not Fold
I have been a huge advocator of the ‘roll not fold’ phenomenon for years now, determined in spreading the knowledge that the hoarders and over-packers amongst us can fit far more into our cases if we adopt this simple packing strategy. It can also be a fantastic way to avoid the over-wrinkling of certain items that you’re planning to wear as soon as you arrive.
TOP TIP: To avoid the small clothing rolls springing open during your travel, make sure to place them in your luggage with the opening in the roll against the bottom.

21st Century Packing –  An App For Everything
When visiting a destination for the first time, or travelling with a large family or group, it is so easy to forget 1 or 2 items that had you have had more time, would have made sure were tucked away safely. There are a wide selection of apps available that can help you construct a fool-worthy packing list, as well as pre-empt you to remember any items that you may need for that particular climate.

PACKING PRO – A fantastic app for families, couples, groups or single travellers alike. Has the ability to create unlimited, 100% user-customisable packing lists, and the user can discover new ideas and suggestions from included sample lists. Tick-box facilities and a plethora of sorting options are a great way to keep check of what you’ve already included and what you need to set aside.
TOP TIP: E-mail your handpicked lists straight from your phone/tablet to family/friends so they can keep track of their progress.

Protect Your Valuables
Unfortunately, every destination has it’s opportunists who will be ready and waiting to dip their fingers into your luggage, claiming your valuables and leaving a distinctly sour note on your holiday. There are a few pieces of advice we give to every savvy traveller, to ensure that your visit to our beautiful islands starts and ends as it should: with pure relaxation.
TOP TIP: Before you leave the airport, take a quick look at where your valuables are inside your luggage. In the event of claiming a missing item, it makes the process a lot easier if you can describe exactly what has gone missing.
TOP TIP: Luggage locks are a great way to keep your belongings safe whilst in the aeroplane hold.
TOP TIP: Try to stay away from luggage that looks too expensive, but do choose a suitcase/holdall that has a unique characteristic and is easily identifiable. This will put anybody else off, from walking off with the bag in question, and is easy to spot if somebody does try to sneak away.
TOP TIP: Always remember that if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t bring it with you. Just in case.

To test out your luggage on the tropical retreat of a lifetime, Handpicked Villas offers the widest range of luxury villa rental in the Caribbean. Our knowledgable villa specialists can provide you with first hand experience on the best places to stay, and guide you through our personalised reservations process.

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