Luxury Bathrooms In The Caribbean

We all love to lose ourselves in a deep, bubbly tub, or stand and contemplate under the comforting downpour of an overhead shower. The bathroom is often overlooked as one of the most important rooms in our homes, but it is here where we come to wash off our stresses, scrub away our troubles and immerse ourselves in tranquility. And Caribbean villas are certainly no exception to this.

Our luxury villas in the Caribbean boast some of the most incredible bathrooms, where even the most imaginative designs can be lived out, and the natural vistas are fully incorporated into the experience. Vivid colours, dramatic oversized windows, submerged bath-tubs, natural woods and outdoor showers are combined to create the ultimate in-home spa for guests to enjoy.

On return from your luxury villa rental in the Caribbean, thoughts of the exquisite furnishings, plush fabrics, innovative designs and the ‘back-to-nature’ vibes, can sometimes make your own home feel rather, well, inadequate. However, it’s reassuring to know that certain simple touches and updates to your house can easily conjure that famous Caribbean spirit and take you back to those longed for days filled with thorough relaxation.

Luxury Bathrooms In The Caribbean

Give Your Bathroom A Caribbean Twist

  • Use Natural Materials For An Outdoors Feel – Wood panelling, dried palm fronds, large stones, exposed rock and artificial flowers (e.g. birds of paradise).
  • Outdoor Showers For A Touch Of Intrigue - For those with limited space, a sky-light can give a similar effect.
  • Add a Bright Accent Colour For Personality – These can be incorporated into accessories, storage, towels, amenities and much more.
  • Dual Vanities For Luxury – The “His/Her” effect is found right across the Caribbean and adds a sense of indulgence.
  • Seating Areas For Utter Pampering – Hideaway stools, pull-out benches and built-in love-seats allow you to use your space to the fullest.
  • Large Windows For Daydreaming – Whatever the view, losing yourself in the outside world is throughly enjoyable (just remember to use part-frosted glass!)

Luxury Bathrooms In The CaribbeanLuxury Bathrooms In The Caribbean

Bathroom Colour Schemes

Adding a splash of Caribbean colour to your bathroom is a simple way to inject a little fun and tropical spirit. Our favourite Caribbean bathroom colour schemes can be found below:

  • Azure blues and deep-sea greens look fantastic worked into any bathroom accessories.
  • Accent colours of vibrant oranges, yellows and reds are reminiscent of the tropical flora found amongst the Caribbean foliage.
  • Crisp ice-white walls add an element of spa-like luxury.
  • Natural woods bring an earthy quality to mirrors, coving and storage.

Luxury Bathrooms In The Caribbean

Our 3 Most Luxurious Bathrooms

Plush, pampered bathrooms can accentuate any holiday, and in the case of the Caribbean, provide a cooling, calming respite from the tropical sun. Our luxury villa rentals boast the very best in modern facilities, welcoming colours and textures, innovative storage and sheer glamour. We’ve handpicked 3 cool Caribbean bathrooms for your visual pleasure, which may also provide you with a touch of inspiration for your own relaxing space.

1. Greensleeves – Barbados
Greensleeves boast 9 palatial bedrooms, each with its own en-suite super luxurious bathrooms. However, the luxury master bathroom picks up the prize for exquisite detailing, space and modernity. The wooden features and teak panels give a natural feel and the views of the Caribbean Sea allow your mind to effortlessly wander.
Luxury Bathrooms In The Caribbean

2. Lazy Lizard – Jumby Bay, Antigua
The accents of ivory travertine, combined with the indoor/outdoor living theme have created something truly unique with Lazy Lizard. The generous external bathtub and rainforest shower promote luxury and tranquility, while the copious amounts of space are ideal for pampering amidst the Caribbean humidity.

Luxury Bathrooms In The Caribbean

3. Flower Hill - Jamaica
Old-world elegance and extraordinary attention to detail make the master bathroom at Flower Hill a truly incredible experience. The stunning mountain views through every window allow you to relax with a panoramic vista at your fingertips.
Luxury Bathrooms In The Caribbean

If our unforgettable, luxury bathrooms have inspired you to travel the Caribbean, contact our Luxury Villa Specialists for expert travel advice and more information. Alternatively, if you’d like to contribute your own bathroom picks or interior design tips, please comment below!

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