Many larger groups are initially put off travelling together when they’re confronted with the high costs of additional hotel rooms, and all-inclusive plans that in their heart-of-hearts they know they won’t use. However, we recommend that families, friends and groups with a cause to celebrate should contemplate group villa rentals when planning their next adventure abroad.

Whether you’re searching for a sprawling beachfront villa, or a vast inland estate, groups wishing to travel together have a wealth of choice within the Caribbean. Once the initial costs are broken down between the party, and maximum occupancy is taken full advantage of, guests are always surprised over how affordable these exquisite retreats become (especially when compared to the equivalent accommodation at nearby hotels!).

Flower Hill

Seven Benefits Of Group Villa Rentals

1. Reduced Cost Per Person

Economically speaking, villa holidays provide our guests with so much more for their money. Once you divide the villa rates up per person, per night, you are truly staggered by how affordable some of these spectacular properties are, so it really pays to bring a larger group! Our recent article on ‘10 Villas In The Caribbean You Never Thought You Could Afford‘, gives examples of beautiful villas across the Caribbean that once split per person at full occupancy prove extremely cost-efficient!

2. Ample Space and Privacy

Island hotels may appear roomier at first glance, but once you’re crammed in with 10,000 other guests, you may find that spending quality time as a larger group becomes near impossible. The ample space, private gardens and infinite pool areas found in luxury villas, allow each guest their own privacy to relax, as well as the opportunity to spend memorable moments as a group.

3. Perfect Settings To Reconnect

The stresses of normal, working life can sometimes prove an obstacle in spending quality time with your nearest and dearest. With cocktails in hand, Caribbean music floating through the air and something delicious on the grill, take the opportunity to reconnect with those you love in the picturesque setting of somewhere truly unique.

4. Private Villa Staff

The Caribbean boasts some of the most professional, friendly, caring and charming villa staff this side of the equator, who influence each and every one of our guests visits’ in the most positive way. Our recent article; ‘Our Guide To Private Villa Cooks‘ runs through the outstanding benefits of having a personal staff available to make your stay as relaxing as possible. Many of our larger villas include the services of Butlers, Executive Chefs and Maids, which takes the pressure off each individual, freeing up time for even more fun!

5. Exclusive Locations

Our large, luxury villa rentals are exclusive in the sense that they occupy some of the most sought-after island locations across the Caribbean. From our beachfront villas, to those set in their own private estate, the panoramic views and access to the best local hotspots ensure that guests experience the ‘real nature’ of their destination, all in the lap of luxury.

6. Unique Property Layouts

Guest cottages, chattel houses, bedroom wings, stand-alone suites and raised teak walkways are just some of the imaginative layout features found in the stunning architecture of luxury villas. Designed with the concept of ‘group living’ in mind, many of the large villas in our exclusive collections boast large communal spaces, plus pockets of privacy where couples or individuals can find their own tranquility.

7. Complete Flexibility

Eating, drinking, sleeping, staying up late, relaxing, sunbathing, reclining, reading, chatting, playing and partying all within a timetable dictated by YOU. The kitchens in our luxury villas never close and set times don’t exist. Every aspect of luxury villa living is bespoke, flexible and totally unique.

Mango Bay

Our Large Villa Recommendations

With over 360 villas across our exclusive island collections, there is a multitude of choice to suit every request. We’ve handpicked our favourite large villas below, to accommodate those looking to holiday in style…

St Lucia
La Paloma, St Lucia (6 Bedrooms) – From US$84 pppn*
Le Gallerie, St Lucia (6 Bedrooms) – From US$120 pppn*
Tamarind Villa, St Lucia (7 Bedrooms) – From US$79 pppn*

Bougainvillea, Jamaica (5 Bedrooms) – From US$156 pppn*
Flower Hill, Jamaica (6 Bedrooms) – From US$238 pppn*

Aliseo, Barbados (9 Bedrooms) – From US$234 pppn*
Casablanca, Barbados (7 Bedrooms) – From US$228 pppn*
Mango Bay, Barbados (7 Bedrooms) – From US$321 pppn*

St Barts
La Plage, St Barts (7 Bedrooms) – From US$530 pppn*
Palm Beach, St Barts (4 Bedrooms) – From US$429 pppn*

*Per person, per night, based on the maximum occupancy of villa.

Tam Villa

With our extensive villa knowledge and personal enthusiasm for our villa destinations, we would be delighted to suggest a range of group villas that are as bespoke as your individual requirements. Contact our Luxury Villa Specialists for further information.

We would love to hear your experiences of group villa rental, whether in the Caribbean or another beautiful destination, so please comment/share below!

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