What Is A Babymoon?

Babymoon’s are fast becoming the latest trend in luxury travel, and we couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to start your pregnancy journey. Known as the last holiday taken by expectant couples before the birth of their first child, babymoon’s provide the perfect break to plan your parenting strategy. The last trip before your first baby is the one you want to get right – for many its their last chance to sleep soundly, enjoy adult conversation and spend some romantic time together.  Take a final opportunity to bond, relax and get in touch with your body before the big day.

Handpicked Villas can have you staying in a small, intimate beachfront hideaway or a hillside retreat with impeccable sunsets. Whatever your preference, Luxury Villa Rental provides the wide range of luxurious extras perfect for those looking to escape and relax in decadent privacy.

Virgin Gorda - British Virgin Islands

Reasons To Choose A Villa Babymoon:

  • We can pre-stock your kitchen so that you arrive after a long flight to everything you may need, after all supermarket shopping can be tiring, especially in a new country.
  • Villas are designed for local exploring, so many have the added benefit of being close to all the nearby amenities. Forget travelling miles to the best island restaurants.
  • Our welcoming villa staff will ensure you don’t need to lift a finger. They’re attentive without too much fussing and have your relaxation at the forefront of their minds. Plus, they make excellent virgin cocktails.
  • In-house maternity spa treatments can be easily arranged. Forget sharing facilities with other hotel guests and settle in for some well earned pampering.
  • You’re guaranteed king sized beds for cradling bumps and as many extra pillows as you may need.
  • If pregnancy has honed your tastebuds, being able to experience a wide variety of local restaurants is infinitely better than dining in the same restaurant bistro for 7 days straight.
  • In our villas, the kitchens never close. Whenever pregnancy cravings strike, be prepared with the luxurious kitchen amenities that quality villas afford.
  • We’re all forgetful now and then, but in the privacy of your own villa you don’t have to walk for miles back to your bedroom suite. Being close to the pool mean that when you forget the sun lotion, you don’t spoil your relaxation.
  • Low stress travel arrangements can make the world of different when planning your luxury retreat. Knowing that you won’t have to spend hours checking in means that you’ll be slipping into paradise even sooner than you think.

Time It Right

The second trimester is highly recommended as the most comfortable time to travel. Usually by this time, the nausea of the first trimester has left many women leaving them with that beautiful pre-natal glow. Travel any later and sometimes your beautiful bump can prove uncomfortable on the trans-atlantic flights. We always recommend you speak with your midwife prior to travel, to ensure you receive the most appropriate advice.

Don’t Forget ‘The Father-To-Be’

Alongside making sure the expectant mother is relaxed, well-looked after and utterly content, it’s important to recognise that the ‘father-to-be’ needs time to adjust before the big day too. The Caribbean is ideal for pregnancy friendly activities for two, with a variety of cultural, sporty, culinary and adventurous excitements to choose from. Our fabulous on-island concierge teams have island-wide connections and can easily arrange golf-days, rum-trails, museum visits and more for partners to enjoy.

3 Of Our Favourite Babymoon Cottages

Leamington Cottage – Barbados
Leamington Cottage - Barbados
Orchid Cottage – St LuciaOrchid Cottage - St Lucia
Bluff Cottage – Barbados
Bluff Cottage - Barbados

Your baby won’t remember it’s first Caribbean holiday, but you certainly will. Making memories that last a lifetime, and enjoying those 9 precious months to the full will ensure that you look back at your time as an expectant couple with nothing but smiles. During birth preparation, they tell you to imagine somewhere calm to ease the process. We certainly know where we’d be dreaming of….

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