The Caribbean is well renowned for its idyllic sunsets, azure waters, laid-back atmosphere and most importantly its silky-soft sands. Thousands of visitors travel to these exquisite little islands each year to experience true relaxation, to take stock and reflect, and create memories that last a lifetime.
Despite each island boasting its share of these unique attributes, the countries themselves vary when it comes to the colour of their longed-for beaches. From the black sands of the volcanic St Lucia, to the pink-hued grains of the Southern Coast of Barbados there is a plethora of relaxation spots to enjoy.


Our Top 5 Ingredients For The Perfect Beach

  • Powder soft sand
  • Gentle descent into the water – lack of sea urchins, stones or coral.
  • Atmosphere
  • Tree lined
  • Calm waters

As it is positively cruel to narrow down the best beaches into a 10-fold list to begin with, our handpicked selections are in no particular order. Every visitor’s experience is completely subjective. What might fascinate and intrigue one guest, would not be of value to another, but we believe our helpful criteria have given you a swift guide to some of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the Caribbean.

Considered to be one of Barbados’ most beautiful beaches, and consistently rated as one of the ten best beaches in the world, Crane Beach is a hotspot for visitors and never fails to disappoint. My first experience of Crane was back in the early 90’s when the accompanying hotel was nothing more than a few rooms and a rickety cliff-side staircase down to the unbelievable sands. Since then I’ve seen the Crane develop into a beautiful resort, with elegant glass elevator to the beach, incredible restaurants and ingenious pools.
With strong waves and high cliffs, the beach is perfect for boogie-boarding and diving. Attracting the thrill-seekers and the chill-seekers alike, the Crane boasts incredible views, powder soft sands and an unforgettable experience.
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…of the pink, powdered sands.


There aren’t many beaches in the world that can guarantee pure tranquility, warm, bath-like seas and the chance to paddle amongst a whole heap of brightly coloured starfish. But Jumby Bay Beach is the image of postcard perfection, the ideal meeting point of the sapphire seas and the pristine white sands. Cushioned chaises and thatched-roofed bohios line the waters, hammocks swing between palms and sunsets are enjoyed at leisure
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…beautiful starfish are abundant and the facilities are 5*.


Calivigny Island is no ordinary destination. To start with, only a fraction of the mega-rich will ever get to experience it’s sheer blissful nature and the millions of dollars of luxury finishes that have been invested into creating this private island experience. Secondly, with it’s proximity to Grenada, the island was always going to benefit from some of the most beautiful Caribbean sea and white sands that the tropics have to offer.
The island boasts several white sand havens that gently caress the water’s edge and every water sport imaginable is available for the guests use. But we love the sunsets. The glorious, photo-worthy, heart-wrenching sunsets that are enjoyed from the various beach cabanas strategically placed along the shore.
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…the location is pure rock star.


If you’re looking for the ultimate in Caribbean spirit then Jost Van Dyke is your kind of place. Nestled in the 60 or so British Virgin Islands, this one-of-a-kind destination has to be ticked off your ‘places to visit before i die’ list. White Bay in particular holds a soft spot for Handpicked Villas. As your boat pulls up to the just breathtaking beachfront, visitors have no choice but to swim for the shore. On arrival on the powdery sands, everybody wanders over to the infamous ‘Soggy Dollar’ bar (Soggy Dollar because visitors arrive fairly wet, and any form of currency is usually dripping to say the least). With one of their legendary ‘painkiller’ cocktails in hand, there is nothing to do but sit back, relax and let the gentle reggae rhythms wash over you.
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…the atmosphere is incredible.


Robinson Crusoe meets ultimate luxury on the beautiful Trunk Bay. Sparkling sands and tiny fish that lounge the shores, gently rolling surf and thick, tropical rainforest are just some of the reasons why visitors to St John fall in love with the island. For the water-babies amongst us, there is an under-sea trail specifically for snorkeling and exploring, where guests can spot 30 distinct species of fish in a half hour!
As part of their treasured national park, the heart-shaped beach forms part of Trunk Cay and is over a quarter-mile long. The residents love for the beach has resulted in an investment into wonderful facilities including showers, bathrooms, changing areas, picnic tables, BBQs and a beautiful covered pavilion.
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…we love the au-naturel vibe and tropical edges.


This two-mile stretch of glorious white sand, gently lapping water and the site of many peaceful water sports is the premier spot in Anguilla for guests and locals alike. Anguilla is world-renowned for it’s beautiful beaches, and picking the best from an amazing bunch is a pretty tough decision.
However, the beach itself is a destination with it’s two starkly different ends and a multitude of brilliant facilities.
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…it defines the Caribbean ideal.


My first visit to the baths was an experience I can never forget. Finding myself on a small boat trip, bobbing around the BVI, we slowly approached the shores of Virgin Gorda and were told that now was the time to click your waterproof phone case on, hold your breath and jump into the azure waters. With a short swim to the shore, we were then led through a series of exquisite natural rock formations into what is locally known as the ‘Cathedral’ (bottom right). Immediately visitors to this beautiful island understand the apt name, as the experience of standing in this pool of gin-coloured water with the smooth rock sheltering you from the sun is nothing but heavenly. On exit from our tour of the boulders, you find yourself on a beach so beautiful you never want to leave. Pure paradise and I could not whole-heartedly recommend anything more. 
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…you will never experience anything like it again.


With an expansive barrier reef that protects visitors from any unruly waves, and a gentle descent from the silky sand into the very calm waters, Mysore Beach is the perfect treat for those lucky enough to stay at the Canouan Resort. This private beach is frequented by guests only and is therefore peaceful and an ideal place to get in touch with the real you. The resort also offers private dining on the beach, which for honeymooners is as close to true romance as you can imagine.
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…it’s as close to the perfect view as you can get.


Within this picturesque and secluded, 1,400 acre island there is a beach so beautiful, it is frequented by only the most exclusive of visitors. Situated on the East Coast of the island, with a handpicked selection of picnic huts and handcrafted umbrellas, this picturesque hideaway is truly breathtaking. With both ends of the beach protected by a large rocky outcrop, the swimming is leisurely, and the snorkeling second to none. A true slice of heaven.
Make sure you check out the luxury homes of Hilfiger and Jagger from your perfect spot.
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…of the crystal clear waters and snorkeling.


As the Crane’s closest neighbor, Foul Bay shares a large number of its beautiful attributes, but do the residents of Barbados keep a secret. Overlooked by rugged cliffs and sheltered by palm frays, this wide stretch of white sand is popular on weekends with family group, picnics and friendly outings.
IN OUR TOP 10 BECAUSE…of the privacy and tranquility.


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