Ever wondered what it feels like to be waited on hand and foot whilst on holiday? To only mention your slight thirst during your poolside retreat and have a homemade, ice-cold cocktail carefully slipped into your view? To wake up each morning to the delicious sight of a lovingly prepared breakfast waiting on your table? To dine on some of the country’s most incredible culinary faire in the comfort of your own hideaway?

If the answer to each of those questions is a heartfelt YES, then read on. The Caribbean boasts some of the most professional, friendly, caring and charming villa staff this side of the equator, who influence each and every one of our guests visits’ in the most positive way. If you take a glance at our testimonials, there are countless accounts of visitors who have made lifelong friends with the staff who have consistently gone that extra mile.

However, as the ‘staffed villas’ concept may be new to you, we’ve created a Handpicked Guide to let you know exactly what your villa rates include. And as the most commonly asked questions we receive relate to our excellent Private Cooks/Chefs and Grocery Pre-Stocking, that is where we shall start!

Luxury Villa Rental - Private Cook


  • Prepares, cooks and serves 2-3 consecutive meals per day, dependant on the villa.
  • Develops a menu for each day of your stay in consultation with your preferences.
  • Recommends the best local ingredients and supermarkets.
  • Showcases the tastiest local meals and traditional recipes.
  • Makes you grin from ear-to-ear with memorable and delicious home-cooked dishes!


Each of our guests has 3 options when it comes to stocking their villa with groceries:

  1. Complete our simple and easy to use ‘Guest Services Form‘ prior to arrival which provides you with various ready made grocery package options (they are all customisable but provide a great starting point). These packages will then be delivered to your villa before you arrive. This is ideal for those arriving late at night, who want to be welcomed with a fully stocked fridge (and bar)! With this option, our wonderful private cooks can even prepare you a delicious arrival meal – the perfect welcome to the island!
  2. Visit the local supermarkets once on-island and fill your baskets with your favourite items. You can then liaise with your private cook in-person, and plan your menu’s according to your requirements.
  3. Provide your Cook with a shopping list so that they can take the responsibility of grocery shopping out of your hands. Travel costs may need to be covered if you require the staff to do this.

It is important to note that guests are responsible for all grocery costs, which are all payable once on-island.


There is a degree of flexibility with each of our cook’s, however they will make excellent recommendations for menu’s and ingredient choices based on their own experience, island knowledge and local availability. Many of our guests find trying new dishes and experiencing tasty, local cuisine is the highlight of their stay!

If you have any allergies, preferences, likes or dislikes prior to your stay we can tailor your visit exactly to your specifications.

Luxury Villa Rental - Private Cook


With each of our villas, staffing is included to varying degrees dependant on the villa size, number of guests, and time of the year. However, if your Luxury Villa does not include the services of a Private Cook, our excellent Concierge Teams can provide you with more information on how to hire a Personal Chef, for a special occasion or a relaxed night-in.

Sandalo - In Villa Dining


  • The large majority of our villas in Barbados include a free, dedicated, chef/cook service.
  • With the smaller villas, the Cook will usually prepare two consecutive meals during their hours; either Breakfast and Lunch, or Lunch and Dinner.


  • Many of our beautiful villas in St Lucia are serviced by our multi-tasking Cooks/Housekeepers who will make you feel like part of the family.
  • Their role is to cook, clean and make your stay as relaxing as possible.


  • Our concierge team in Antigua offers the additional service of buying your favourite groceries before your arrival, so that you will not need to go to the supermarket after a long trip. Groceries are at the cost of the guest.
  • A Private Chef, waitress and kitchen staff service can be booked on your behalf for any meals during your stay. This additional service includes grocery shopping during your stay, done by your personal chef.


  • Each villa is staffed with your own free, personal cook.
  • Your cook will handle grocery shopping and meal preparation, alongside the pre-purchase of a small starter bar. She will also pre-purchase your first few meals plus pantry staples, then finish the weeks shopping after meeting with you.
  • At the end of the week she will present receipts for all food/beverages and reconcile your account.
  • If you’d like to experience the true Jamaica and visit the markets with her, you are very welcome, if not she’ll take care of everything for you.
  • Warning: Jamaican cooks are excellent and portions are generous!

Luxury Villa Rental - Private Cooks

Make sure to contact our Luxury Villa Specialists if you have any questions and to find out exactly which villas with chef service are available, what staff are included with your stay, alongside their working hours and responsibilities. This information can also be found on the ‘Staff’ tab under each villa profile.

Thank you for reading our guide on Villa Staff & Dining, we hope we have answered as many of your questions as possible and invite you to share/comment below!

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