Beach holidays offer enjoyment, serenity and refreshment, a complete contrast to the more populated urban settings that many of us are used to. However, even with the beautiful vistas that adorn the Caribbean, it’s always useful to know how to make the most of your beach adventure. Be on vacation in both body and spirit and read our top tips, our must-pack essentials and a few rather more unusual pieces of advice from our own personal experience…

How To Make The Most Of Your Beach Trip


  1. Don’t Get Burnt.
    Simple but damn important, as sore, red skin and a lobster complexion can ruin anybody’s getaway. Our personal favourite when it comes to sunscreen is the wonderfully silky and non-greasy range from La Roche Posay which will ensure you bronze and not blister in the strong (albeit welcome) sunshine!
  2. Dive Into Oceanside Activities.
    Stepping outside your comfort zone whilst amongst spectacular scenery will give you excellent memories, and more than just the nostalgia of drifting off on the sand. Sometimes the novelty activities prove the most fun, and like most things in life, you don’t know until you try!
  3. Log Off/Sign Out/Shut Down.
    All to often in this technological age we tend to view life through the sepia toned filter of a smartphone. Tune in to the don’t miss moments amongst the sands and experience nature as it was meant to be experienced: in the flesh. Prising your gadgets away from your palm will ensure that your memories are more than just an Instagram sensation, and are enjoyed to the full.
  4. Stay Active.
    We’re all guilty of over-indulging whilst enjoying our downtime, and to be honest I believe it to be our civil right to put on a few pounds during a well deserved break. However, the benefits of maintaining your usual healthy fitness routine will give you the confidence to strut beachside looking tip-top. Ocean-swimming, running and on-sand pilates are all great ways to stay in shape amongst a spot of sun-bed time.
  5. Take Advantage Of A Full Beauty Detox.
    As much as we all love an indulgent coastal spa, it’s also fantastic to know that sometimes the best beauty treatments are found in nature. Leave your make-up and other treasured products in the bedroom and let the sand naturally exfoliate your skin, the sun improve your complexion and the sea salt nourish your hair.
  6. Treat Your Tastebuds To New Sensations.
    Beachside bars and restaurants in the Caribbean may at first glance seem to offer just casual faire, but their local culinary knowledge and depth of flavour produce some of the finest snacks this side of the Equator. Instead of packing a picnic, why not try a new dish that may not feature on the more luxurious restaurant menus.
  7. Socialise.
    Beaches are naturally social locations due to the stunning vistas, great weather and mutual sense of relaxation. Making new connections and friends is so easy, and can be a great way to get even more out of your stay.
  8. Manage Your Expectations. 
    For many of us the build up and planning are the most exciting part of a luxurious beach holiday. While the panoramas are certainly exquisite, don’t fixate on perfection and you will be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected moments.
  9. Save The Best Till Last. 
    We tend to remember experiences by their peak, so sometimes it’s worth saving the best beaches till last for a happier holiday.


  • Baby powder is an excellent way of removing wet sand from hands and feet. Just rub over the area and it falls away, leaving you soft and sweet-smelling! Perfect for freshening up before the car journey home.
  • A damp cloth in a ziplock bag can prove the perfect refreshment and cooling aid after a long day in the sun.
  • Even though the Caribbean Sea is perfect for swimming and snorkelling alike, accidents do happen and the odd scrape on a coral frond needs to be kept clean. Packing antibacterial wipes means that you’re covered for every eventuality.
  • We heartily recommend ditching the gadgets for a chance to relax, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on photo opportunities. Disposable cameras are the perfect way to to capture memories in a vintage way. Also great to give to children for a unique view of your visit.

How To Make The Most Of Your Beach Trip


Pack for the beach like a professional and ensure your beach trip is nothing but relaxation, tranquility and a touch of glamour. We recommend your survival kit consist of the following essentials, all tested from personal experience on our many Caribbean beach trips.
(We know, it’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it)…

  • La Roche Posay Sunscreen
  • Phyto Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil (sunscreen for your locks)
  • Nivea Sun Protect Lip Care
  • Hard Frame Sunglasses Case
  • Zip-Lock Plastic Bags
  • Small Waterproof Purse/Wallet with Local Currency (not everywhere worth visiting can cope with credit cards)
  • Oversized light-knit scarf that can double up as head protection, a sarong and sun-shade.
  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • 1L (minimum) of Bottled Water
  • Oversized lightweight, quick-drying tote to bundle everything into!


You’re only in your luxury destination for a finite amount of time, so making the most of your days is important for a sense of fulfillment. If you imagine the less than perfect scenario you may indadvertedly enjoy yourself even more without any self induced pressure. Essentially, pack like a pro, disconnect from your normal life and lower your expectations. Like anything in life, don’t try and plan fun. In the Caribbean, it happens naturally!

To find your own slice of beachside paradise, speak with our Luxury Villa Specialists today for the latest rates, availability and travel advice.

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