With your holiday time being so precious, we always try to ensure that our guests experience the most magical visits possible to our luxury destinations. From ensuring all concierge arrangements are organised before travel, to villa pre-stocking and our simple personalised booking process we are always mindful of your retreat, and how it should solely concentrate on relaxation and renewal.




However, as seasoned travellers ourselves, we know the pressures of visiting a new country and appreciate how useful it is to have first-hand advice from a previous guest. This is why we have compiled our top travel tips to ensure your arrival is as smooth, and stress-free, as possible.

  • ALWAYS PACK A HAT – with the tropical heat of the Caribbean it is so easy to overexpose your head to the sun.
  • FIRST AID TRAVEL KIT – coral reefs, stubbed toes, sunburn, need we say more.
  • PACK A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE – keeping yourself hydrated in the humidity is vital to an enjoyable island experience.
  • CAMERA CHARGER – we guarantee that you will experience vistas and panoramas that need to be captured.
  • NEVER PACK SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVENT WORN BEFORE – taking up vital space in your suitcase, that could be saved for items you know look fabulous.
  • BUY THAT AWFUL SOUVENIR – it may not appeal to you, but keeping the tourism trade alive ensures all of our guests even better experiences.
  • PACK YOUR MOST COMFY TRAINERS – St Lucia especially, is ideal for hiking/walking and should not be attempted in havaianas!
  • TIP YOUR HOUSEKEEPING STAFF – every member of staff retains the most professional standards and truly welcomes you to their Caribbean family.
  • NEVER CARRY YOUR WALLET IN YOUR BACK POCKET – too easy to lose/too easy to potential pickpockets!
  • TAKE NOTES – writing/scrapbooking your travels is a wonderful way to share your experiences with those unlucky enough not to have joined you.
  • LEARN BASIC PHRASES – HELLO, THANK YOU, PLEASE, IM SORRY – many of our Caribbean islands are predominantly English speaking, but a spattering of Spanish or French may help you wonders.
  • MAKE PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR PASSPORT – as mentioned in our Top 10 Carry Ons.
  • BRING DRAWER FRESHENERS – great way to keep your clothes smelling fresh if there are limited laundry options.
  • MOTION SICKNESS – HALF GINGER ALE HALF SODA – for those guests with a tendency for illness, this is a long-known wonder cure.
  • WEAR SUNSCREEN WHENEVER YOU ARE OUTSIDE – many of the Caribbean airports involve guests walking across the runway, the sun is still in full force so it may be worth applying before landing.
  • NEVER LEAVE VALUABLES IN VEHICLE – common sense in any destination.
  • ALWAYS ASK THE HOUSEKEEPING STAFF BEFORE RUNNING TO THE DRUGSTORE – many villas contain items left from the owner such as paracetemol, aftersun etc.
  • IF YOU CANT AFFORD TO LOSE IT, DON’T PACK IT – don’t ruin your tropical retreat with any regrets.
  • ALWAYS BRING MORE THAN ONE BOOK – with so much time to recline and relax you’ll be surprised at how much time you have to indulge in a good read.
  • PACK SOCKS AND A SCARF – delightfully useful on the return flight, when you arrive to -1000OC.
  • PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS IN CARRY ON – in the very rare instance your baggage is mislaid, you won’t have to worry about feeling below par.
  • TRAVEL IN CLOTHES THAT ARE SMART, WITH LIMITED POCKETS AND PREFERABLY SLIP ON SHOES – ensuring the smoothest of arrivals and departures, with no beeping, stumbling over shoelaces or unnecessary dramas.

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