As a genuinely viable alternative to a hotel or resort stay, villa holidays offer a truly unbelievable range of choice as well as the freedom to do your own thing. You don’t pay over the odds for activities you know you won’t participate in, for food you won’t eat and drinks you won’t order. You don’t pay over the odds to be surrounded by strangers, to share a crowded, noisy pool, to be frustrated trying to read your book with the sound of a thousand other people around you.
Villa holidays are tranquil. ¬†They are tranquil, private and relaxing. And surely, when you’re travelling to some of the most beautiful islands in the world, those qualities are ultra-important.
Economically speaking villa holidays provide our guests with so much more for their money. There is a popular misconception that having unlimited privacy and a plethora of facilities should cost more. This is NOT the case! For families and groups it proves to work out at the same cost if not less than hiring hotel suites, plus you have the added bonus of having your own space and security. Our published rates per night are for the entirety of the villa, the facilities, the staff and the incredible locations. Once you divide these rates up per person, you are truly staggered by how the cost falls and how affordable some of these spectacular properties are!
Essentially we are here to help. Unlike many large chains of hotels, we can offer you a completely customisable experience, right down to the individual groceries we can pre-stock your villa with. We tailor your villa holiday to your preferences, we provide a home away from home.

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