As avid travellers ourselves, although hopefully a little less idiotic and minus ‘heads like $+!%ing oranges’, we fully appreciate, admire and have a soft spot for Ricky Gervais’ home-grown project, Mr Karl Pilkington. The hit Sky One show ‘An Idiot Abroad’ which has produced three hilarious series, featuring a ‘bald-headed manc’ travelling the world, exploring far-away islands, undiscovered tribes, unknown practices and strange cultural traditions.
One thing that does puzzle us however, is why the ever more successful partners, Gervais and Merchant, have declined to send Karl to the wondrous Caribbean islands? Surely the plethora of activities, excursions, local traditions, avid landscapes and brilliant residents would not inspire viewers to take a different approach to travel and to want to experience real island life? Island life that can indeed be experienced through flexible villa holidays.
We want to try and discover why these beautiful, perplexing and unique islands were not put under the scrutiny of this one-in-a-million, Michael Palin he ain’t, northern tour guide.
To work out why the producers would decline to send Karl to the Caribbean, we have to look into his complex relationship with Ricky and Steve. Despite their clear friendship and affection towards each other, the mischievous pair can’t help but delight in Karl’s misery and discomfort. To their credit, the more Karl is pushed into a corner, the more incredible the logic and quotes that pour out of his spherical head. When his outlook is low, he’s panicking and is in unfamiliar territory, his ‘brit abroad’ attitude can’t help but liken his situation to that he’s encountered before. Some of his metaphors and the similarities he concludes are hilarious. His lack of malice, but just plain grumpiness, ensure that he rarely offends.
Looking at the thinking behind the whole production of An Idiot Abroad, there is a clear reason why he’s never been sent to the Caribbean. Frankly, because he’d enjoy it. He’d fall in love with any of the islands for their sheer simplicity and natural beauty. He’d absolutely love it and this would fill Ricky with boredom, as well as the viewers, and we wouldn’t be blessed with any more Karl quotes. The delightful customs, locals, cuisine, accommodation, beaches, towns and general tropical living would appeal to his simple nature and his need to relax. And this in itself would frankly be rubbish TV.
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